So it's been a while since I've written a blog. Maybe a year or more, I don't know. But in that time I've done a lot of changing. For those of you who are new, I used to be really really really mentally unstable. I'd go on fits about this or that, and generally make a total fool of myself. But over the course of the last year or so I've discovered something, something that has caused me to enjoy roleplaying on chaos quite a bit. And that is!!

NIHILISM!! Yup if you couldn't tell by the title this is the secret to happiness on chaos. Because at the end of the day everything is pointless and we're all going to die. Well except Cira, her alts will merge into one singular AI consciousness and become the next Skynet. But that's not important, that's a later problem like climate change or fixing the garage door. But let's talk about how nihilism can help you in RP here on chaos.
As a site chaos has a lot wrong with it. It also does a lot of things right. Like all things it's inherently flawed. Now you can go on a tangent about how things are bad here on chaos, lord knows I have. Essentially it's like being Sisyphus, forced to push that boulder up a hill for eternity only to watch it fall down again. So instead of seeing that as a never ending fight, accept the pointlessness of it. Once you do that you're pretty much free to do whatever.
Someone blows up your company? Make a new one. There's a five million dollar bounty on your head? Walk in a public thread and have fun. Your ultra rare starship was stolen? Steal it back or build another. The secret is to not care about anything. Now is this free reign for you to be a dick to people? Sure. I mean if that's your jam I can't stop you, I don't really care. But the way I do things is more mellow, crack a joke, relax, and just ride the wave. Honestly that's the key to success here. Because at the end of it all, someone isn't going to like you, someone else will want to destroy your IC work, and other people are content to just sit and watch. And all of it is fine, because all of it is pointless. They're words on a screen, and you can always type more. Unless you're dead of course, then that's your problem. So just follow these simple and easy steps to enhance your role play experience.
1: Stop caring about everyone else, imaginary consequences, OOC feelings, and everything else then do what makes you happy.
2: Repeat step one
I guess what I'm trying to say is this. Chaos, do yourself a favor. The next time someone god mods, steals your stuff, or hijacks your thread, just smile and wave. Since in the end it doesn't really matter.