A hologram flickers into life on the various news channels broadcasting from the Suarbi system. The appearance of Mya Jesel sitting in a chair on a patio next to the ocean comes into clarity. She looks older than she did when she was first elected, but the familiar warm smile lights up the display as the camera zooms in. Commentators speak softly about a new endeavor by the President to speak more directly with the citizens in a time of galactic turmoil and uncertainty. They quiet.

Mya takes a deep breath and smiles again before speaking. "My friends, my Susefvi family, thank you for joining me for this conversation. I know things are uncertain right now. Frightening, at times, in fact. I feel this too. Across all the galaxy it seems like the forces that oppose liberty, free trade, free speech, and free thought are rising to power. New empires are rising all across the galaxy with flavors ranging from order at any cost to genocide, there is much to fear.

But friends, it is times like when we must take stock of ourselves and take heart in the strength of our courage and our commitment. There are powers beyond evil and tyranny at work in the galaxy. There are still those who stand firm for freedom and democracy. In the Core, the Galactic Alliance was forged from the merge of the High Republic, an endeavor we still support, and the Greyson Imperium, a government committed to the Light and combating the Sith. Their commitment will help shore up the Core and hopefully bring stability to the region, if they can hold true to their ideals. The Silver Jedi have moved against the Bryn'adul and The Sith Empire. Our friends and allies in the Outer Planets Alliance remain committed to the freedom of the individual and the protection of individual rights. The Sector Rangers have returned and we have given them land and facilities for a base. Jedi have established an enclave on our sister-system, Svivren.

But what about Susefvi? What of the Suarbi system? We are an anchor on the southern end of the Outer Planets Alliance. We are a mining and manufacturing powerhouse as far as the Outer RIm and Wild Space are concerned. Small compared to the Coreworlds whose entire planets are dedicated to manufacturing, but I see that as a plus. We are diverse. We have miners, factory workers, and smelters, yes. But we have farmers and weavers and distilleries. We have fishers and arborists and meteorologists. Our navigator's guild is growing every day with talent and fearless graduates of the academy eager to travel the stars. Our pilots are confident, fast, and fearless.

We have a chance to make a difference in the Outer Rim. We have the resources, the people, the beliefs. Our Defense Force has already been boosted to a midsize fleet, trained by the best. Our soldiers are ready to guard Susefvi and everyone in it, down to the very last inch of land. But that's not what will let us make a difference. We are a system of laws and liberty in a region of space that all too often has neither. We have the people and the resources. As a result, I have asked the Congress to develop a program to let us help our fellow inhabitants of the Outer Rim. Long ago, this moon was settled by those who fled the tyranny and abuse of justice by the Corporate Sector. Are Hutts any different? Are warlords? After several months of discussion, they have created and passed the Outer Rim Developmental Lease Program.

This program will lease out ships and materials to worlds trying to create strong bastions of liberty and democracy, to end the threat of piracy, slavers, and those who prey on the rest of us trying to live our lives in peace. We are also taking a stand, friends. Susefvi will not let the light of democracy and freedom grow dim. But we know that it can't forced by the outside onto those unwilling. So I'm asking you, people of Susefvi, have you been wanting adventure? Been wanting to make a difference without needing to kill? Wanting to make the galaxy a better place? Please, if you want to travel the Outer Rim and see it flourish as the places of freedom and independence it was meant to be, apply for the Outer Rim Development Corps. The civilian arm of the program, it focuses on the development of strong systems and courageous individuals with unmatched integrity to provide the skills and the work to help frontier worlds fully establish themselves.

Will you join me, friends? Will you show the galaxy what Susefvi stands for? Thank you, and good night. This is Mya Jesel, President, and this was the first State of Susefvi broadcast. Catch you next time. "