It is eight hundred meters long and has a crew of three hundred. It has a durasteel hull, double plated.
It's weaponry contains two hundred rail and gauss guns grouped into batteries of twenty five spaced around the ship. The rail guns have autoloaders fed from magazines and are operated by a 2 man crew while 5 gunners are stationed at each battery. It houses two bombing batteries of proton torpedos, 30 tubes each. In addition there are two batteries of two Kuat V-200 Ion Cannons. The Stark Class also contains one tractor beam array located on the port side.
There are two fighter bays; one located starboard and one port. They can house eight fighters each plus two transport or medical ships.
The Stark Class has a TriLuna 400MGS hyperdrive. For shields, the Stark has Serridge SEAL shielding system. It has two Mon Calamarian M8.0 Stardrive sublight engines, and four M4.5 Mon Calamarian maneuvering engines. It has a MGLT of 85 with 2500-2700 G for acceleration and about 1200-1300 km/h in the atmosphere. The Stark has a cargo capacity of thirty five hundred tons excluding ship supplies and ammunition.
Designed by Noja Qel-Droma as a present for Kira.