Right, working on a ship. The Tiburon did a lot of good when I had her flying, but right now? Don’t really need that. Rising does all my cargo needs. I can use that to carry cargo, and any prisoners if it comes to that. It typically won’t. I’m not in the business of taking prisoners, but… refugees and towing distressed ships? Yeah, she can do that. Tiburon could too. But the Tiburon was trying to do too much. It needed replacing. The Rising, she explores, and does my cargo work. She does what one of those sport-utility speeders can do, but in space.
What I need is something a bit more sleek, a bit more sporty. Something I can fly into combat, run cover for people running blockades and chase down pirates. Y’know, the ones I’m not giving quarter to. What its going to be is a build off of something Silk is working on. I might just hijack the design, use this as a prototype ship and back-build something for the Silk customers to purchase, a Rassilon that’s a shuttle. Something for couriers, blockade runners, whoever. Keep the space lanes free and all, right?
I digress.
So, what I’ve got is a design so far. Two SLAM boosters, and two larger engines, hopefully working off the Mara TibX pitch I’m throwing. I know if I launch the SLAM it’ll basically counteract the stealth systems, but its an emergency thing, right? Not always going to be used. Use that, and I’ve worked on mimicking the Starry-Sky paint that the Levantine Sanctum was using with the StealthX. It wasn’t that bad. I got a lot of time with the ships when I started working for the Frontiers Corps. Well within my ability to take the paint and recreate it for this vessel. I’ve got the designs, all that’s going to need is it to be placed into production. Something built by Silk, tested and upgraded by me and then, you know, trial by fire.
I suppose going through the systems is important. I’m throwing in a standard package from Silk. Life support, targeting, shields are all the standard ones from Silk. Same with Navigation. But its going to have me and be updated with Baobab Astro maps, that little deal Jorus does, so I’m not too worried about getting lost. I mean, instinctive astrogation goes a long way, and the standard system will allow me to get the jump out if I need to. Some sort of quick burn, get away from whatever is chasing… whoever. Simple enough, right?
The biggest system I’m going to need to put work into is the sensors suite. Something to give me a bigger window. Watch ships and log them as they come into the system, work on logging each ship, their tech, where they’re going and watching for weapons. Its just keeping me up to date with everything. Won’t need to rely on the Force to reach out to everything. Mix that with a simulated intelligence, not something remotely touch an AI, but something more than an astromech’s brain, and that’s going to help me log everything and categorize threats. And give me someone to talk with if I’m flying solo.
I suppose adding in the modules, Cap Drain, Defense Decoy and Countermeasures aren’t that bad. Need to add in two power sources, probably a Solar Ionization power supply. Should be able to easily run everything. Besides, its not like I’m running all the mapping equipment. She’s going to be combat centric, and a runner, not something to map. I’ve got the Rising for that.
The ShortFin will be able to keep a few people in, but its me, I fly alone, a lot. So, that could help. On top of that, I’ll be linking in iBorg’s Liberation Module into the ship. Similar to the one I’ve got in the Rassilon. Still, it’ll be testing me, a ship this big? She’s measuring something like 57 meters long. I could probably go smaller, but I need her to be ready to take passengers, and that means a bit of vehicles too. Some speeder bikes, maybe an Armadillo, but I doubt that. Probably just the swoops. The ShortFin is going to need to be fast. Light armor, and the engines, on top of the sensors? Those are going to be here selling points.
Hell, I’ll toss in cup holders and the sound systems I’ve been aftermarket installing in the Rising and Tiburon. Just for ambiance, really, but its essential.
As for weapons… Well, I have a few ideas. Working in a triple blaster cannon pair. Something fast to hit hard with. Standard and probably the main gun. FlexTube, a pair of those. That’ll give me what I need for launching ordinance. I’m hoping to squeeze a dozen missiles into the ship, maybe change them for the mission, makes the most sense. I wonder if I can score some cluster missiles. We’ll see, for now, concussion will be fine. Enough to knock things down. The next though, this one, it’ll be used when I really have the time and need to rip the kark out of something. Two semi-turreted (maybe 15-20 degrees maximum, just angled off the bow) composite beams. It’ll let me rip through starship hull, or asteroids. Again, the latter, don’t really know, maybe I’ll need it for asteroids, but starship hulls? If I can keep moving, I’ll do it. Tear something up, and get away.
Its why we have the SLAM engines. When I’m sitting, I’ll need to boost away. And I’m going to be using a few small maneuvering jets. Space doesn’t have friction, why should I be flying like I’m banking in atmo? Nah, we’re going to throw some small maneuvering jets here. Four on the nose and on the wing tips, allow me to swivel the ship in flight. Hell, if I want, flip the damned thing. But that’s going to be the testing phase. We’ll see.
On top of that, the crown jewels of this thing. The Calrissian Hyperdrive. I installed on one Spark’s ship, but we both got one from Jorus. So that’ll give me what… 0.357 class. Yeah, perfect. And I’ve been working with the Underground, the new IFF. Something I can reprogram on the fly, a few names picked out, but nothing really set in stone. I don’t like to do that. But I know she’ll be able to mark as a Fringe, Republic, and One Sith vessel. So that can get me nearly anywhere in the galaxy. And, well, yeah.
I suppose I should finish up the designs and put this into production. Then I can get the fether flying and work on the systems and fine tuning everything.