von Carpathia​
Tapani Sector​
Greater Sanguinius Vampirika​
The von Carpathia, known to be one of the few ‘Pureblooded’ bloodlines capable of tracing their lineage back to the original Energy Vampire progenitors that arrived on the ancient world of Akeldama. However, with the passage of time and a staunch view on purity, many of its members - what few survive - have become frail and weak due to countless years of inbreeding and refusal to even marry into other ‘Pureblood’ bloodlines. It is likely that the von Carpathia bloodline will die out within the next few hundred years as the last remaining members slowly pass due to their own arrogance and refusal to “muddle the bloodline”.​
Greater Sanguinius Vampirika​
Known as ‘the Old Money’ - the Winterhall bloodline is as old as the von Carpathia and Moretti bloodlines - though they are most notable for their tradition of military service that is traced back to the founding of the Anaxes War College. Their reputation is one of honesty and being stalwart in any situation, earning them special recognition and pride not seen among the other bloodlines. Their tradition is such that those of the bloodline that bring dishonor or abuse their position are often stripped of their positions, titles, ranks and wealth before being banished and marked as an outcast even among the other bloodlines.​
The Winterhall bloodline is flourishing due to their close ties with Alderhelm and Haskar bloodlines; even having created an extensive genealogical tree of the three bloodlines to ensure that the fate of the von Carpathia bloodline does not befall them, the Alderhelm or the Haskar.​
Von Black​
Greater Sanguinius Vampirika​
Of the ‘Pureblood’ bloodlines, von Black is the youngest - officially recognized as a cadet branch of the Winterhall bloodline - it was established during the foundation of the New Galactic Empire under Palpatine’s reign by its Patriarch Silas von Black. The bloodline utilized the humanocentric policies of the Galactic Empire to establish itself on the planet Bastion, even holding the belief that the Vampirika were meant and destined to rule over other species of the Galaxy. They were well known to have ties with the Galactic Empire - though were thought to have been lost when the Empire fell - with some rumors claiming that members of the bloodline had joined the First Order.​
While no known individual has stepped forward to claim heritage to the bloodline, it is unlikely that the von Black bloodline is completely lost.​
Hapes Cluster​
Greater Sanguinius Vampirika​
The Hadria bloodline has been quiet for some time now; with few rumors whispering of their demise. The bloodline had retreated into the Hapes Cluster sometime prior to the Gulag Plague and entered self-imposed isolation of sorts. However, with little to no contact with the galaxy at large outside of the Cluster, it’s difficult to say if this bloodline is still thriving, on its last legs, or had been wiped out in the preceding years.​
Greater Sanguinius Vampirika​
The Chandrila bloodline were some of the most peaceful of the bloodlines; due in part to their elder’s remembrance of the destruction of Akeldama and the widespread loss of life. They took a staunch pacifist stance - though they were still more than capable of defending themselves if attacked. Their strong belief in Democracy and the Old Republic were guiding principles that saw the establishment of the Myrtheen bloodline - a cadet branch of the Alderhelm bloodline - on Alderaan.​
Their greatest failure - in the eyes of the Alderhelm bloodline - was their incapability to protect or save the Myrtheen bloodline from the destruction of Alderaan. In the aftermath of the event, those members of the Myrtheen bloodline that had been off-world at the time were welcomed with open arms into the Alderhelm bloodline as refugees.​
Greater Sanguinius Vampirika​
The Gilost bloodline is reclusive; remaining hidden away in their temple complexes and manors hidden in the Jungles of Onderon. They have ties to the ancient Beast Riders of yore, and even stood against the Naddists to protect their home. During the Krath Holy Crusade, when the planet was invaded by the Mandalorians, a fraction of the bloodline split off and resettled on Dxun; taking up the Mandalorian way and resulting in the foundation of the Stohl bloodline.​
In more recent history the Gilost bloodline has been relatively quiet with very little to no contact with the other bloodlines. With their manors and temple complexes hidden in the Jungles of Onderon, it's difficult to say if this bloodline is thriving, on its last legs like the von Carpathia bloodline; or has already died out.​
Greater Sanguinius Vampirika​
Considered part of the ‘Old Guard’, the Haskarr bloodline - much like the von Carpathia bloodline - can trace their lineage back to the Energy Vampires that first colonized the ancient world of Akeldama. Since time immemorial however, the Haskarr bloodline has resided on the planet Chandaar in the Cronese Mandate of the Outer Rim Territories. While not as prestigious as Winterhall or as wealthy as some of the other bloodlines, the Haskarr bloodline is well known as keepers of history; both of the Sanguinius Vampirika history and the history of other worlds. Their members are known to delve into tombs, ruins and ancient cities in search of lost lore, artifacts and historical documents for safekeeping and study. There are even rumors that they’ve secured the odd Jedi or Sith artifact and keep them locked away in vaults beneath their manors.​
Their close ties to the Winterhall and Alderhelm bloodlines have ensured that the Haskarr bloodline has been more than capable of surviving and thriving.​



von Sorenn
Confederacy of Independent Systems
Sanguinius Vampirika-Human / Sanguinius Vampirika-Epicanthix

The von Sorenn bloodline is considered a cadet branch of the Moretti bloodline founded some point prior to the Mandalorian Wars; while also at some point having ties to and even claiming to be a continuation of the Great Alderaanian House Syrush which had been lost in centuries past. Very little is known about the bloodline, beyond its ties to the Confederacy of Independent Systems - a former enemy turned safe haven.

de Delacroix
Corellia / Brokellia
Sanguinius Vampirika-Corellian Human

A relatively young bloodline by Vampirika standards, they have proven themselves time and time again to the other bloodlines. Their brash and stubborn attitudes are inherited from their Corellian heritage which often develops into a fiery passion for flying and seeking out adventure. Their reliability and stalwart courage in the face of any situation has seen them hired as pilots and smugglers by many of the other bloodlines.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Human

A former cadet branch of the Winterhall bloodline, the Vondrack have established their notability through their amassing vast amounts of wealth and entrenching themselves among the Vjun nobility. Like many of the Noble Houses on Vjun, the Vondrack have a propensity to look down on others - even their own kind - often behaving and acting as though they were a ‘Pureblood’ bloodline. However, their ‘Pureblood’ status had been lost centuries ago when they began to form alliances with the human population and noble houses of Vjun. Beyond this, there is nothing truly distinguishing or noteworthy about the bloodline.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Epicanthix

Formerly a ‘Pureblood’ bloodline; they settled on Panatha some point after the fall of Akeldama. They are one of the oldest ‘mix-blood’ bloodlines, and have seen von Carpathia as a staunch rival since their time on Akeldama. The Moretti are also noted as having been the progenitors of a number of cadet branches; such as the von Sorenn, Sairva, Stohl, Savriss, and Velder.

Kiffar / Kiffex
Sanguinius Vampirika-Kiffar

One of the youngest bloodlines; having only been established sometime prior to or during the Clone Wars. The majority of its members originate from the Kiffar tribe of the same name; the Athzaria. Like many Kiffar, the Athzaria bloodline are naturally attund to the Force, and many of its members are capable of utilizing the ancient Force technique of Psychometry. The Athzaria are known to produce a number of Force Users among their bloodline, second only to the Vossu.

Nar Shaddar
Sanguinius Vampirika-Rattataki / Sanguinius Vampirika-Humanoid Species

Prior to the fall of Akeldama, the Revik Bloodline was known as a ‘Pureblood’ bloodline and even held vast swaths of territory within the greater Akeldama Dominion. When their homeworld fell, they fled to Nar Shaddar and repopulated their numbers through accepting and marrying Rattatakis, and a number of other humanoid species. In time they became known for their unique kind of ‘polite’ piracy, in which they would board and request their captive’s wealth and belongings, with an emphasis on ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

In more recent history, it is believed that the Revik bloodline was wiped out during a conflict with the Hutt Clans; however, this could merely be a false rumor or a myth, as a number of individuals claim to be of this bloodline and have even been known to work with the Hutts.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Echani

The Sairva bloodline was founded on Eshan sometime during the Jedi Civil War by an Echani Warlord and his Vampirika lover. Their children were trained in the Echani martial arts, and to this day the bloodline remains a staunch protector of Eshan and Echani culture. They are considered to be one of the most numerous of the bloodlines, though they are often rarely seen outside of the Eshan system, preferring to remain close at home.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Voss

The Vossu are known to be the most prolific of the bloodlines when it comes to Force Users among their ranks; as nearly every member of the Vossu are in some way, a force user. Those few that show little to no force sensitivity serve the bloodline in a different way - being married off or adopted into other bloodlines to secure alliances. The Vossu maintain a close relationship with the Athzaria bloodline due to their natural force users among their ranks.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Zeltron

The Aishul bloodline is well known for its charm and persuasive personalities among the other bloodlines. However, their reputation comes from their propensity to throw lavish, hedonistic parties and orgies as are often found on Zeltros. They rarely venture off world, preferring their lives of luxury and libations to that of a life of toil among the stars.

Unknown Regions
Sanguinius Vampirika-Chiss

An oddity among the bloodlines; the Mutth’vuar’risde was founded by Chiss who had originally followed Thrawn from their homeworld though later broke away from both Thrawn and the Chiss Ascendency. Having come across a dying Vampirika coven, the Chiss settled down with their Vampirika lovers or otherwise willingly accepted being turned into a hybrid - thus becoming the progenitors of the bloodline.

They are known to be some of the most collected of the bloodlines, secretive to a fault due to their strong Chiss heritage. Rumors and hearsay claim that the bloodline has died out; though it's more likely that they’ve retreated and have hidden away deep within the Unknown Regions.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Miralukan

Little to nothing is known about the Caecus bloodline beyond their very secretive nature. Their numbers and strength is completely unknown, and even among the other Vampirika bloodlines they are often thought to be a myth. Only the Vossu and Athzaria bloodlines know more of the Caecus; however, they’ve both taken a vow to keep the secrets of the Caecus out of respect for their fellow force practitioners.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Umbaran

Those of the Zaldas bloodline is often seen - and employed - by the other bloodlines as assassins, operatives, and spies. Owing to developing on the shadowy world of Umbara, the Zaldas bloodline had settled on the world sometime after the Rusaan Reformation and before the Blockade of Naboo (the exact date has been lost or forgotten). The Zaldas bloodline shares many of the unique features of the Umbaran species, and has even adapted to their unique cultural caste system - though they have a tendency to avoid such a conflict if it would otherwise remove another Vampirika from a prominent position.

Codian Moon
Sanguinius Vampirika-Human

Those of the Velder bloodline can be called "the New Money", as their fortune was only developed and established in more recent centuries. A small bloodline that broke away from the Moretti bloodline; the Velder settled on the Codian Moon and found themselves rather suited for the lifestyle of ranchers. While outwardly they operate large Reek ranches and Nerf herds; behind the curtain, they are known to farm a different kind of 'cattle'. The Velder bloodline are the best-kept secret of the Sanguinius Vampirika as they supply the majority of the blood consumed by the species to the other bloodlines - though if that blood is from sentient beings or from the Reeks and Nerfs they care for is a secret that they keep well guarded.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Human

The Arvada bloodline is best known for possibly having a hand in what would become known across the galaxy as the ‘Artesian Space Collage’ art form. This bloodline is known for its artists, musicians, and sculptors - many of whom are often hired by other bloodlines due to their well-known capabilities and life long devotion to mastering their specific art style, musical instrument or sculpting medium. Members of the Arvada bloodline are seldom seen off-world, preferring to remain on Artesia unless offered a job on another world or taking part in a traveling concert. At the end of it all though, they always return to Artesia.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Chalactan

The Jukshu bloodline is a cadet branch of the recently lost Djensho bloodline of Atrisia. Members of the Jukshu bloodline were much like their cousins in the Myrtheen bloodline and the Gilost bloodline - highly spiritual and taking up a pacifist stance. Their founders left Atrisia for the planet Chalacta and sought guidance with the Chalactan Adepts. Like a handful of other bloodlines, members of the Jukshu bloodline are not often seen off-world, with those few that are, often on a spiritual journey.



Sanguinius Vampirika-Human

Established during the Mandalorian Wars, this bloodline was notable due to its adherence to the Resol’nare and the acceptance of many species into its bloodline. Sometime between the end of the Mandalorian Wars and the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Stohl bloodline moved from Onderon to Dxun - however, it is very apparent that the bloodline has died out. Recovered texts and journals from the bloodline suggest that they fell due to the Imperial purges, with the last few survivors having passed sometime prior to the events of the Gulag Plague.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Dathomirian

The Zylia bloodline was one of the most secretive of the Vampirika bloodlines, predominantly due to the already inherent secretive nature of the Dathomirian Nightsisters. Very little is known about this bloodline save for the simple fact that it was wiped out during the Clone Wars when the Confederacy Droid Armies led by General Grevious assaulted the planet of Dathomir.

Greater Sanguinius Vampirika

The Djensho bloodline was a minor ‘Pureblood’ bloodline from Atrisia, where they remained relatively unknown and hidden to prevent any attention being brought their way. They were deeply entrenched in the cultural aspects of the world, with many of their members serving in various positions from farmers and artisans to local governmental officials. Unfortunately, the bloodline was lost in the recent events on Atrisia, with the bulk of their numbers falling to the plague that was released on the world during a rebellion. What few members that survived by some fortunate means have found themselves places in surviving bloodlines, as their numbers were too few to propagate without becoming like the von Carpathia bloodline.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Alderaanian Human

One of the more peaceful bloodlines - and a cadet branch of the Alderhelm bloodline - the Myrtheen bloodline hailed from Alderaan, having settled on the world just prior to the events of the Clone Wars. They were staunch supports of the Old Republic, and vehemently opposed the foundation of the Galactic Empire; with some of their numbers even joining the Rebel Alliance. Their bloodline was lost when the Empire destroyed Alderaan, wiping out much of the bloodline and causing the few remnants to either fall in battle against the Empire or be absorbed into a surviving bloodline.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Human

The Sel bloodline at one point in its history held a seat within the Great Houses of Serenno though had fallen out of power sometime prior to the events of the Clone Wars. The last few remaining survivors of the Sel bloodline had supported Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars; however, with the war coming to a close and the Empire's 'Cleansing of Serenno', the Sel bloodline had all but become non-existent. The last members of the Sel bloodline had either died out or been absorbed into other bloodlines roughly around 4ABY.

Sanguinius Vampirika-Falleen

The Savriss bloodline was one of the rarest vampirika bloodlines, boasting the status of both being ‘Pureblood’ and having ties to the royal House Sizhran of the planet Falleen. This bloodline was crippled when the Empire bombarded the planet to contain a biological weapon, though it was able to limp on in the aftermath. However, when the planet was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong, the Savriss bloodline was lost, its members fighting to the last rather than become slaves to the Vong or perish in a long, slow decline.