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:: Phaeda ::

She came here for a reason, whether that was proximity or a more purposed response, she came here. This place makes Nar Shaddaa look like a resort, and the people are just about as kind. Thank the Manda for the armor, it makes an impression, more than I suspected. They see the Mythosaur, they know I mean business. I've already learned that asking doesn't get anywhere here. No, I have to threaten, I have to show that I'm not willing to take platitudes and excuses as currency. I had to make them know I'm only dealing in truth, in actual leads I can follow. Maybe they'll be a little more open after I show them that a Mandalorian tossing a shop upside down until I get answers is bad for business. I don't really care what they think of me, I'm not here for them. I'm here for her.​

It started innocent.​

Or at least that's what I thought at the time.​


She was beautiful -- still is I wager. Arkanian and all, bred to be. First real friend I had on Mantell, first one who wasn't pulling something over on me. We spent a lot of time ducking her Dad - that sith-spit piece of osik.​

He's a tyrant, you can tell the type. Got in good with the management of the yard, credits changed hand, probably a few other things too. I wouldn't of been shocked if he tried to sell her too, I'd of stopped him if he tried, somehow.​

She was the first person I opened up to, I now know how important that was, how much it meant to me. Months had gone by on Manda'yaim, her vision faded from memory, her voice got quieter in my head. I still missed her, but I have a new family now, and a new life. I'm not proud of it, but truth be told, I wouldn't of come back for her. I had planned to move on, and leave the past buried. Funny thing about that, I didn't bury it deep enough.​

Got the message in transit a week ago. It brought everything back. All the pain, the betrayal, all of it like a flash flood hit me. Still she was in trouble, and she couldn't turn anywhere. I was the end of the line, and it was clear that I was the only one who'd do this.​

Been here about two days so far, haven't turned up much. I'm no quitter though, never have been. I'll find her - by hook or by crook I'll find her. What will happen then...I'm not that good, not to know at least. Don't rightly know if this is redemption for leaving like I did, for killing like I have. Ordo said it best though, it's wiped clean. I'm working off a clean slate with the vode. Still, this echo from the past is haunting me, but now I'm gonna face these ghosts, these demons down. They aren't messing with a junker anymore, they are messing with a Mandalorian.​

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