"This invasion has been decided to be fought as an Army versus Army battlefield war. There will be PVP mixed into the fray, and there will be use of hordes of NPCs. The Faction Leaders have discussed and decided upon that of 2 characters per writer. They can be placed on either side of the conflict, but they must either be Mandalorians or One Sith. There are no allies for this particular Invasion."

This will be the premise on which the following data from the Invasion is based off of. Below is a mixture of both PVE and PVP wins. There are also some incidents within the thread that are listed, not as an outright victory, but as other information that might be relevant to the decision, or might not be depending on how it's viewed. They are here though for consideration.

Likewise, it was reported to me that Sarge passed along the results of two reports during the invasion to you, Asemir.


PVP Wins = RED

MISC events = YELLOW


[background=Post [/b]


[background=Michael Steelfang[/size]
[background=Shot down enemy fighters who were harassing Itessa.[/size]
[background=Gilamar Skirata [/size]
[background=Defeated an enemy Vong who was trying to dismount him from his bes'uliik[/size]
[background=Navio, Azrael[/size]
[background=For killing the Drexl carrying Hion the Herglic[/size]
[background=Kad Kando[/size]
[background=Defeated a squad of Sith infantry outside city.[/size]
[background=Garrus Garron[/size]
[background=Defeated a squad of Sith troopers inside city. [/size]

[background=Ava Lok[/size]
[background=Injuring the Hydra Queen[/size]
[background=Preliat Mantis[/size]
[background=Singlehandedly killing an Umrach.[/size]
[background=Preliat Mantis[/size]
[background=Killing a Sith soldier with thrown rebar meant to impale him. [/size]
[background=Michael Steelfang[/size]
[background=For providing cover fire to Anastsia and Itessa[/size]
[background=Rave Merrill[/size]
[background=Injuring Darth Vornskr in spite of grevious injuries to herself. [/size]
[background=Sherruk Fett[/size]
[background=Detroying an AT-AW[/size]
[background=Sero Valrel mortally wounded by Azrael, escaped to seek medical aid.[/size]
[background=Basaba Willamina[/size]
[background=Basaba took Neph’s arm, but lost her own[/size]
[background=Anija Ordo, Arrbi Betna[/size]
[background=Darth Veles opens fire with turbolasers on Arrbi Betna and Anija Ordo in their starfighters. The missed shots impact the Chrom-Vrone instead, killing the wounded beast in a burst of friendly fire.[/size]
[background=Basaba Willamina[/size]
[background=Countess Calum Teramo rescues Basaba Willamina and removes her from further harm.[/size]
[background=Arrbi Betna, Anija Ordo, Særa Ayña Savan, Aedan Miles[/size]
[background=456, 463, 466, 487 [/size]
[background=The starfighters under Aedan Miles' command are badly mauled by Betna (two ships downed by ramming), Særa Ayña Savan (One shot down), and Anija (supporting fire). Aedan then disengages from combat, seemingly from losses, and leaves the Area of Operations.[/size]
[background=Pyrrha Nikkita[/size]
[background=Darth Sinna is defeated and knocked unconscious by Pyrrha Nikkita.[/size]
[background=Arrbi Betna, Anija Ordo[/size]
[background=485, 539[/size]
[background=Darth Veles is downed and unable to remove his ship from the building he crashed into, deciding instead to evacuate the ship.[/size]
[background=Darth Villam is shot and wounded, now unable to walk unassisted, by Azrael's war droid.[/size]
[background=Olivia Dem’adas[/size]
[background=Cyrus Tregessar is knocked unconscious in his walker by Olivia Dem'adas and her tanks.[/size]
[background=Leviathan (Dralshy'a)[/size]
[background=610, 611[/size]
[background=Darth Nephthys and Darth Vornskr are nearly killed by the collapsing building destroyed by the Leviathan.[/size]
[background=Darth Vidar[/size]
[background=Darth Vidar is forced to flee for his life from a collapsing building.[/size]
[background=Melakoth Tyrin[/size]
[background=Melakoth Tyrin's shuttle is shot down by a Mandalorian rocket, he is the lone survivor. All NPCs presumed dead in the crash.[/size]
[background=Ordo Surrenders to Azrael and the Mandos[/size]
[background=Darth Carach[/size]
[background=Darth Carach suffers multiple broken bones from falling rubble[/size]
[background=Ordo is killed by Mya Munro[/size]
[background=Lieutenant Kir and his men are attacked by Azrael's war droid, damaging Kir's armor, killing two dozen of his men, and trapping another dozen beneath rubble.[/size]
[background=Atin Kandossii[/size]
[background=Atin Kandossii gets a second wind after being nearly killed by poison and amphistaff strangulation.[/size]
[background=Olivia Dem'adas[/size]
[background=Olivia Dem'adas disengages from One Sith forces and moves into the city, reinforcing the Mandalorian fight there with Canderous-class Assault Tanks.[/size]
[background=Vilaz Munin[/size]
[background=Vilaz Munin retrieves the bodies of Ordo and Gilamar Skirata to return to Mandalore, denying both bodies to the enemy.[/size]
[background=Mando NPCs[/size]
[background=One company of combat engineers and two companies of heavy infantry reinforce Olivia Dem'adas' positions as NPC reinforcements at a crucial point of the fight.[/size]
[background=Shaw McKeller[/size]
[background=Arla Balor saved from certain death or capture by Shaw McKeller.[/size]
[background=Veles emerges from the rubble of the building collapsed upon him injured and without his crew, who are presumed dead in the rubble.[/size]
[background=Dralshy'a gets back up after being knocked unconscious to start wrecking things.[/size]


The Mandalorians are stating that from the original set purpose of the invasion, that either the One Sith and Mandalorian factions reached a stalemate, and the re-awakening of the Dralshy'a was enough to prompt a retreat to save Mandalorian lives while the creature continued to destroy.


The Mandalorians are citing that based on the above list of events/victories, that the original stated purpose of the thread puts them in the lead.