Hello there, my name is Arcanus Sunstrider.
For those of you that don’t know me, I am a Jedi Master, but I’m not overly fond of titles. So, if you ever encounter me amongst the stars, please don’t feel obligated to call me by anything other than my name. I know, there are those among our number that would request that you call them by their bequeathed appellations, but from my perspective, such an act feeds one’s vanity. Something that I don’t really see as becoming behaviour for a Jedi.
However, that’s beside the point I'll eventually try to make and I digress.
I like to consider myself an amateur scholar of sorts, as my nose is pressed onto the surface of a dataslate whenever I’m not helping out around the Praxeum, or lending a hand to those in need. I figured that I’d generate my take on whatever I’ve found; offering another possible perspective on, well, almost everything that populates our beloved and known universe.
With that being said, I won’t lie to you from the get-go, as there are many things that I do not know, or only have a single piece to the whole. That means every entry contained within this Datacron will be flavoured by my personal bias and understanding. It’s my hope that you’ll be able to take away something from my fevered ramblings. So I can say that I’ve passed on my accrued knowledge and allowed those that follow in my footsteps to rise above me.
To allow you, to become better than I ever was, and lead this Galaxy into an enlightened age.
Until next time, as it seems I am being called away to help the others; May the Force be with you.