GADF Outpost DF#19-B.
Foerost, Core Worlds Region.
Northeastern Alliance Frontier.
15th of Decimus, 861 ABY.
0530 Galactic Standard Time.



// FROM:
SpecDiv Special Agent [REDACTED.]
// TO: SpecDiv Bureau Chief [REDACTED.]

The Karazak Slaver Ring


AAR: F19B1707861-SS/SD - Submitted via Encrypted Channels by SPA [ REDACTED ] with Standard SpecDiv Decryption Scheme Attached. Joint Operation to Foerost with GADF Navy Commandos: Sigma Squad - Objective: Smash the Karazak Slaving Operation uncovered on Foerost. Arrival Date: 12th of Decimus, 861 ABY - 0300 Hours GST.

Operation Commencement:

  • 10th of Decimus, 861 ABY - 1430 Hours GST. SIA Operatives Verify Previously Acquired Data regarding Karazak Slaver Operations in the FOEROST system.
  • 11th of Decimus, 861 ABY - 0925 Hours GST. GADF SPECDIV JOINT OPS Taskforce is dispatched to FOEROST.
  • 12th of Decimus, 861 ABY - 0255 Hours GST. GADF Assets arrive In-System.
  • 12th of Decimus, 861 ABY - 0320 Hours GST. SIGMA SQUAD deploys to the Orbital Ring Station via routine Shuttlecraft transfer.
  • 0350 // SIGMA SQUAD infiltrates the FOEROST ORBITAL SHIPYARDS utilizing Maintenance Hatches and Corridors.
  • 0423 // SIGMA SQUAD reaches the location of the designated coordinates recovered from the BORLEIAS SLAVER SAFEHOUSE; still utilizing the Maintenance Hatches and Corridors.
  • 0425 // Using DETONITE TAPE, SIGMA SQUAD prepares to breach the facility through the Maintenance Corridor, “Null” orders his Squad to use [ REDACTED ] to peer through the Bulkhead to garner Hostile Target Numbers and Positions.
  • 0426 // LOCAL AUTHORITIES are notified by SPECDIV Special Agent [ REDACTED ] to cordon off the Station Module, and ward NON-COM’s away from the affected area. Additional Units were contacted to ensure no SLAVERS slip the proverbial noose.
  • 0427 // With Positional Telemetry and Count uploaded to the encrypted ALLIANCE BATTLE-NET, SIGMA SQUAD activates the DETONITE TAPE - blowing through the Station’s bulkhead to advance into the SLAVER SAFEHOUSE proper.
  • 0427.5 // SIGMA SQUAD catches several KARAZAK SLAVERS unawares, as their DETONITE TAPE blows through the wall. Several combatants have been tossed to the floor; likely concussed or disorientated.
  • 0428 // “Whisper” is the last ALLIANCE COMMANDO to enter the SAFEHOUSE FACILITY, and apprehends several of the would-be combatants after dispatching the others due to their recovery, and disorientated resistance.
  • 0429 // SIGMA SQUAD advances through the dust and debris, taking down one KARAZAK SLAVER after another. Several combatants are dispatched, while others have been wounded by the exchange of gunfire.
  • 0433 // “Null” disables the KARAZAK SAFEHOUSE RINGLEADER; shooting out the Xenos’ kneecaps and was disarmed by a round through the Target’s hand. KARAZAK SAFEHOUSE RINGLEADER is classified as a PRIORITY ONE target by SPECDIV JOINT OPS COMMAND.
  • 0434 // “Null” subdues KARAZAK SAFEHOUSE RINGLEADER and orders “Dynamo” to administer medical aid to their newfound captive. “Whisper” and “Wrecker” continue to navigate the SAFEHOUSE FACILITY, clearing the module room by room.
  • 0445 // SIGMA SQUAD reports MISSION SUCCESS after the SAFEHOUSE FACILITY has been CLEARED of all HOSTILE Targets, with any ACTIVE COMBATANTS swiftly dispatched, and several KARAZAK SLAVERS taken into ALLIANCE CUSTODY.
  • 0452 // As SPECDIV PERSONNEL arrive, SIGMA SQUAD informs their HANDLER that several of the SHIPPING CONTAINERS within the SAFEHOUSE FACILITY are filled with SLAVES - Recently collected from several neighbouring Star Systems. SHOCK COLLARS are found. “Dynamo” begins working with LOCAL MEDICAL PERSONNEL to remove the implanted SHOCK COLLARS, before submitting ENSLAVED INDIVIDUALS to the ALLIANCE for additional MEDICAL TREATMENTS and RELOCATION to their PLACE OF ABDUCTION.
  • 99% Probability of KARAZAK SLAVERS Operation on FOEROST thwarted.
  • 80% Probability of additional KARAZAK SLAVER Operations in nearby systems. SPECDIV recommends the verification and deployment of SIGMA SQUAD - ASAP. Duplicate Information will likely determine SAFEHOUSE priority.
  • 23% Probability of Collateral Damage: Property - Acceptable Margin. Reparations made to FOEROST CIVIL ADMINISTRATION for Collateral Damages to their ORBITAL SHIPYARD.
  • 99% Probability of Non-Civilian Casualties / Fatalities - Minor Injuries Inflicted by KARAZAK SLAVERS Prior to OPERATION COMMENCEMENT; KARAZAK SLAVERS - 36 TERMINATED or CAPTURED; Weapons policed. 1 HVT (High-Value Target) CAPTURED; WOUNDED.

Incriminating Documents have been recovered by the SPECDIV Joint Ops Taskforce that leads to the recent events revolving around the ASSASSINATION of the DUROS SENATOR: FAR ZHAS. They have been submitted to the SIA for verification and catalogue, using the usual encrypted backchannels and file encryption scheme. Please review at your earliest convenience.