There was static on the screens, on many screens, across the Concordia, and across the galaxy. All groups that had found themselves being watched by the Jedi Order were receiving the message. An archaic mask, familiar to those who know their Jedi Lore, came into view.

A Temple Guard, from the days of the High Republic and beyond.

The masked visage stood before the screen, with holos playing behind, Sith Force wielders, vessels, and soldiers, laying waste to worlds. Worlds like Coruscant and Fondor, worlds like Mon Cala and Lothal. The destruction around the galaxy.
“This is the enemy.” The voice spoke.

“This has always been the enemy. The Jedi have always stood fast against the destruction from the darkness.

“We may have governments looking to ally with them against the Bryn’adul invaders. But at what cost? The Bureaucrats are misguided. They intend for the best, but they do not know what the Jedi know.

“That the Darkness is the wrong path. It leads to suffering…”

The voice was modulated, but eerily, most Jedi have heard it, perhaps in a dream, from a fabled legend of old. Was it Skywalker? Kenobi? It didn’t matter.

“We are the Light. We are tasked with safeguarding the galaxy and her citizens. We need to protect the citizens and show them the light.

“This is a call to the Jedi. Protect one another. Protect the citizens. Bring the conflict to the Sith. Remove the darkness from the galaxy.”


The visage faded and holos of Jedi past and present, rising up, combating the Sith.and enemies of the Light. Familiar faces leading the charge fading to a golden starbird.