Just to flesh out Kattada

The Kattada Union is the governing body of the world of Kattada. Along the Commenor Run in the Colonies, and currently part of the Silver Jedi Concord, Kattada is a world that served as a minor footnote in the greater history, has been relatively left alone. As it is treacherous to travel, with tropical islands and oceans making up the entirety of its surface, not much beyond the Capital of Haleoda has been settled in any distinct way.

Having been left to their own devices, the world has focused on the export of decorative shells and corals from its living reefs, with the addition of seafood, from fish species to kelps and seaweeds, and the ever-important export of sea-salt and glass. The imports have become nearly everything else.

The world has always held a ‘take what you need, provide what you can spare’ approach to the planetary society, with various islands focusing on a handful of tasks, with several of the larger islands being used as trading hubs and centers for gatherings. In the past, the islands have almost had a tribal approach to themselves, with customs and dialects changing from island to island, but the sense of cooperation and togetherness translating across the surface.

‘The Ocean is Harsh Yet Kind’ is a common phrase being said around the world.

Life on Kattada was always very calm, being used as a tourist destination and for the exports as previously mentioned. That was until the Silver Jedi Concord arrived.

The openness of Kattada resonated with the Jedi and specifically Coren Starchaser who found the world familiar to his Golden Beaches of Corellia home, and the excitement of a new coastal world, complete with all the life that goes with it. After speaking to the Gathering of Primes, the impromptu chiefs and leaders of the Islands, it was agreed that in exchange for the offerings of the Silver Concord, Kattada would serve as a refuge for wartorn refugees and as a center for a Jedi Temple.

The Temple was built on an artificial atoll not far from Haleoda called ‘Temple Island.’ Connected to Haleoda by way of maglev trains, the two serve as the hub of activity on Kattada, with the space port, Jedi Temple, and Explorers/Frontiers Corp on the two islands.

Refugees are taken on, and houses and allowed to live on the planet with the hope that they will assist where their skills are best suited, and with the influx in technology, from wind, to solar, to tidal powers, and the need to upkeep, and continue to develop these technologies, many specialists find work among the islands.

With the low-stress environment, artists also find their calling on the shores of the many islands.

As for government, the Gathering of Primes is still in effect and assist the Planetary Chief, currently a Mon Calamari War Veteran by the name Rultea Iser with decisions for the planet. While being leaders of their own islands, the Primes have their own councils, and as such the Chief has his own advisors who were specialists in other policies.

Like all worlds, the Kattadans have their own local militia, primarily run by a small marine navy, and guerrilla fighters using advanced technologies but put together in ways that are reminiscent of spears, shields, and energy bows. They are defended by a pair of SoroSuub Liberators and two Mon Cal M80s, complete with Silver Jedi Concord complements of pilots and other soldiers.