Excerpt from the Starchaser Holocron:

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.
-Jedi Code, think I heard it from some holocron or another, probably in my father’s care
So, there it is folks, the whole thing about being a Jedi, right? Sort of. I don’t know, not a big fan of this version. Its not very forgiving. Its too… stuffy. Lets go with stuffy. But then there was the other one.
Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force
-Jedi Code, but better!
This one is a bit more my speed. A bit more inclusive, but I can see why both work. I suppose, the way I look at it may be different, but a run through kind of makes them both sounds the same. At least with their intention, their meaning. It’s a duality of life, and it’s a way of looking at things.
The first one, Emotion and Peace. Sure, there are emotions, most species aren’t completely devoid of emotions, or aren’t able to push them aside. I know I’m not. But you can work with your emotion, in a peaceful, collected way. The Jedi are protectors, defenders, and learners. But in the galactic war? We know that we have to be the surgeons. We can’t let emotions cloud our judgement. Do we save this person, or do we defeat that Sith? The emotion for one may be stronger, and it may try to lead your action, but is taking that Sith down right now going to accomplish a greater good than saving that one person? Who knows. But sometimes you have to roll the hard six.
And that brings you to the next one. Ignorance and knowledge. Can there be ignorance? Absolutely. But the trick is, you need to work on learning. Is a Jedi going to be in a situation that changes? Yes, but they need to know how to roll with the changes. If there is a problem, they have to be able to solve it. Learn, be ready to learn, and understand where your knowledge shortcomings are. They’re there. And sometimes they’re mixed into things. It’s a trust in the Force that will get you through. Again, fight the warrior, or save the victim? The Living and Unifying Force will help you in that moment. Trust it.
Passion, Serenity. Now this is my favorite one. Passion is that part that makes you who you are. Its what you love in this world. For me, starships, and exploration. Finding that hidden part in the galaxy? The path through the systems and into that hidden treasure beyond? Its what keeps me going. When I’m not working in conjunction with Alliance and New Jedi Order forces, you can bet that I am finding the nearest star that I haven’t been before, or, hell, even taking a land ship our something and checking an ocean depth, or some island. I just have a job to do. And part of it is because there is active conflict. When I worked in the Levantines? I wasn’t part of the active conflict. That founds me doing all manner of work with the Frontiers Corps. The Tachyon Rising is still set up for that. I never turned her from her exploration and smuggling focus into a war vessel. I’ll fly fighters for that. But, when you have your passions, you can’t let them control you. That is where the serenity comes in. A great name for a starship, absolutely, but serenity is that peace of mind from before. You have your passions, and you can be passionate, its what makes life worth living and defending, but you can’t let it control you. It’s the hardest part for me, at times. I don’t enjoy the fight, but I can get lost in it. Blame battlemind, something I picked up along the way.
Chaos and harmony. This one… its different. Even my old Sith teachers had something to say on this. Chaos and Harmony. You can look at it like Chaos and Order. We look for things to be orderly, but life is chaotic. People live, they die, they fight, they suffer, some survive. But in the grand scheme? Nature is kept in harmony. It wasn’t thrown into chaos from the actions of a Jedi. That is, to me, what this is about. Life is going to be chaos, but if you prevent the chaos from being instituted by the actions of a sentient? Then you’re one for the harmony side.
Death and the Force. Now this is something else. Life and Death. It exists, and it happens. They rotate around each other. You can’t have life without the Force, and you can’t have life without death. Still, one of the greater mysteries here. Death can be surpassed by the Force. But it can’t be cheated. Or shouldn’t be.
And, yeah. Code.