• Group Name: Followers of Seath, The Covenant, Insidious Followers, Congregation of Insidium
  • Classification: Cult
  • Headquarters: Ansion
  • Loyalties: To the cult and Seath
  • Group Sigil:
  • Description: This is the main backbone of Seath's cult. They go out and speak of the "truths" Seath has presented them to others. They can defend themselves but are not very strong members only capable of the most very basic "tricks" in the ways of the Force.
[background=[b]SOCIAL INFORMATION[/b]
  • Hierarchy: They are simple evangelist who are all equal to one another with Seath being the head currently.
  • Membership: Those wishing to join the cult must except Seath's views on the Force as the truth, swear loyalty to the Insidious.
  • Dogma/Doctrines: The Insidious focus on all aspects of the Force, believing the Force is indiscriminate and allows all to feel it's flow in some shape or form. They believe any group who does not believe in the Force are heretic/zealots. All aspects of the Force are to be practiced, both light and dark if one wishes to label them as such, and all of these aspects must be tolerated at least by all members (sacrifices, mediation, alchemy, and etc).
  • Curios: n/a
  • Goals: To grow the Congregation as large as possible, and convert to members to the "true" walk of the Force.
Members consist of various Ansion villagers who have been indoctrinated, Sith acolytes, and Imperial soldiers, officers, and other personal that resided in Manikin's control that Seath converted.
After Seath realized that the Sith Lord who created was going to use him for a power gain, Seath consumed his essence which retained a new conception on the Force. Becoming delusional with power and ego, Seath began to rebuke the ways of the Sith, teaching the acolytes and various other members under the Sith Lord what the Force truly was. These beings believed him, mainly because he was capable of taking the Sith Lord and making him a mindless body/shell. Seath's show of power and strength won him the loyalty of these hopefuls who had begun to worship Seath as a incarnate of the Force, and the Derriphan approved of it. Later on, the cult would move to Ansion to get out of Sith space and into neutral territory where they would begin to indoctrinate the villagers and member of the Unity of Community. Using the concept of the 'Community' to the cult's advantage along with a beautiful vessel known as Ken for Seath to speak to the villages in sermons.