• [background=Intent: To create a security multi purpose droid[/size]
    [*][background=Image Source: [url="http://endless-legend.wikia.com/wiki/The_Cultists"]Endless Legend - Cultist[/url]
    [*][background=Canon Link: n/a[/size]
    [*][background=Primary Source: n/a[/size]

  • [background=Manufacturer: [url="http://starwarsrp.net/forum/4042-confederacy-of-independent-systems/"]CIS[/url]
  • [background=Affiliation: Closed-Market[/size]
    [*][background=Model: M-0X0[/size]
    [*][background=Production: Mass Produced[/size]
    [*][background=Modularity: No[/size]
    [*][background=Material: Durasteel Skeletal Beams and Frame, Quadanium steel armor plates[/size]

[background=TECHNICAL INFORMATION[/font]
  • [background=Classification: II/IV[/size]
    [*][background=Weight: 226 kilograms[/size]
    [*][background=Height: 5 meters[/size]
    [*][background=Movement: Stationary [/size]
    [*][background=Armaments: 3 E-Web Turret (cannon parts, not tripod)[/size]
    [*][background=Misc. Equipment: [url="http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/FullSpec_sensor_package"][background=FullSpec Sesnor Package[/color][/url][background= [url="http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Deflector_shield/Legends"][background=Deflector Shield[/color][/url]

[background=SPECIAL FEATURES[/font]
  • [background=FullSpec: The droid has a full spectrum sensor package to detect intruders[/size]
    [*][background=Deflector Shield: The droid can produce a shield around a small area as the droid being the center of the shield[/size]
    [*][background=Firepower: The droid has three E-Web turrets that it can use all at once with battery cells in the center of it to continue feed these weapons power[/size]

  • [background=Firepower: The droid possesses 3 E-Webs[/size]
    [*][background=Sensors: The droid has a full spec sensor package[/size]
    [*][background=Shielding: The droid can become a shield generator[/size]
    [*][background=Armor: The droid possess strong armor plating[/size]

  • [background=Stationary: The droid can not move, only be removed and placed to a new area if need be[/size]
    [*][background=Explosive: If the droid’s armor is penetrated the amount of battery cells it possesses for the turrets could make quite the bang[/size]
    [*][background=Large: The droid is quite tall, making it an easy target to see from afar if one knows what it is[/size]
    [*][background=Limited Range: The droid can turn a full 360 degrees, but the E-Webs can only fire within a 40 meter radius [/size]
    [*][background=Limited Shield Surface: The droids shield can only protect 20 meters around it as itself being the center[/size]

[background=The Monolith Droid, also known as the MX-Zero, and Pillar Droid. This strange, but impressive droid is elegant, presenting itself as a simple pillar with active sensors and three E-Web cannons ready to fire on anyone that is a threat to the area it protects. Commonly found in throne rooms, and courtyards of importance, these droids are commonly mistaken as simple turret placements by those who know what they are. Do not be fooled, though, they are security droids that are capable of registering and learning like any other droid without the need to constant maintenance of turret placements. The droid possesses arms within it’s pillar body and can hold objects, repair itself in minor ways like many other droids. All of this is hidden underneath a strong armor that looks like some form of marble or other various building material. The droid splits in half when engaging in any kind of action which reveals the power and droid underneath. They are capable of vocal communication as well as computer data communication. These droids are also capable of putting up a shield around itself and the surrounding area. With a shuttle or some other various form of heavy lifting tool, these droids can be moved, and placed nearly anywhere the CIS need them to protect. These droids, unbeknownst to many are designed after the masks and common design of a cult called Insidious that follows the Sith Lord Metus. [/font]