<"Aye, that hurts!">

One of the Highlanders in the ship winced from the pain. A direct hit to the back that was not fatal, but most definitely hurt. Standing at her side of the transport, bloodied and tired, Aoki Mira watched in silence. Her face was resting and dull.

<"No worry, we'll have our shaman look over 'et, pronto!">

<"Out shaman ez tak'n a nap over 'ere! Can't interrupt Edwin's beauty sleep!">

Mira frowned. She could sense the pain he was in. Force Empathy allowed her to sense the agony. She silently moved from her spot, as zombie like as she felt, and knelt down behind the injured Highlander.

The man would be startled as he felt the Force Healing start kicking in. Turning his head, he spotted the quiet Shadow silently healing his wound, hands hovering over his wound in a gentle manner.


The other Highlander cleared his throat, watching the exhausted Imperial Knight. <"Knight Aoki, you fought well today.">

Mira only blinked, continuing to focus on the man's wounds.

"I cannot heal this fully. The best I can do is to mend the worst of it. You will need your shamans to completely close the wound once he's conscious."

As the wounded Highlander rolled his shoulder in response, another Highlander piped in from the back, <"I don't know where the commander picked up up, but you are amazing! A warrior and a medic! I don't know what I would do without Alasdair here!">

Alasdair chuckled, his heavy accent coming through as he spoke to his Highlander friend, <"Sorry, Nils, you ain't got rid o' me yet!">

A series of chuckles rippled through the transport. Mira's eyes drooped as she struggled to stay awake. Still healing Alasdair, she did not realize how she was rocking back and forth.

<"Concordia was difficult,"> The Highlander beside Alasdair announced, <"But we made it through!">

He pounded his chest, <"There ain't no army the Highlander Brotherhood can't face! For the Empire! For Michael Barran!">

The sudden and loud roaring of hyped up soldiers paused Mira to wince a bit. What a loud noise. But in all her time serving the Empire, Mira had never interacted with a battalion so... excitable. Patriotism was common, but this? Mira had never come across such a culturally unique and passionate unit. The Highlanders still carried their rich accents, though Serenno had given them time to become more sophisticated when speaking to outsiders. But as someone who heavily practiced Atrisian tradition and etiquette, even in a more mainstream Empire, Mira deeply respected the unique ways of Highlander culture. If only they were not so loud-

Mira jumped when a heavy hand slammed into her back. Nils chuckled heartily, <"I hope Barran keeps you, Aoki! You're odd, but we like you! We all saw you fighting tooth and nail today!">

Mira winced at the force of the patting, but turned and nodded respectfully to him.

<"You've got potential, Knight."> The unnamed Highlander put in, <"Let us hope for many fond memories to come!">

Mira was not the kind of person to smile, but these Highlanders were something else. Intrigued by their culture and warmed by their comradely relationships, she smiled a tiny smile as she bowed her head in respect.

<"You Atrisians are weird.">

<"Many Imperials consider us weird, Alasdair.">

<"But she's green! Are all Atrisians green?">

<"Alasdair, you can't just go about askin' that!">

<"Besides, she's a hybrid, idiot.">

<"I were just asken', Finlay!">

Mira chuckled as she continued to heal Alasdair. She had joined Barran's cause due to a similar political view and desire for change. Concordia was her first time interacting with his army, the Highlander Brotherhood. And her first impression was... strange, but positive.


Looking down, she saw that a battle had already been fought in this hallway. She saw a mix of corpses. Moon Children and Highlander's alike littered the Sith Citadel floors. Lifeless.

Nils Hugo, Alasdair Callum, Finlay Troy. Rest in peace.