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Make: Coronet Hypernautics
Model: Slice Hound-class Freighter with aftermarket modifications
Colour: Off-white and red
Trade-In Value: 110,000cr
Size Classification: Light Freighter
Mission Profile: Personal transport and residence for Onith Trill, and incidental cargo hauling
Combat Role: The Heir Apparent isn't a combat ship. It's fast and durable, but its generic weapons loadout isn't going to turn any heads during customs inspections. Its first line of defense is running away.
Tech Level: Core Worlds civilian, heavily modified
Sensor Range: Standard.
Hyperdrive Range: 20,000ly, suitable for trekking across a few sectors at Class Two.
Sublight Fuel Capacity: Interplanetary. The Heir Apparent can move cargoes between worlds in a single system if necessary.
Cargo Lift Mass: 250 tons.
Supply Capacity: Two months for a single operator and a handful of passengers.
System Strain Resistance: The Heir Apparent can push itself past redline without serious problems, but has no special resistance to ion cannons or mag pulse warheads.
Points of Strain: The life support system is constantly going out of calibration. It seems to overcorrect or undercorrect for its owner's presence. If the ship gets disabled, life support will be the first system to go.