(OOC: The following is a holorecording that Jax sends to Jairdain before he goes to Ziost.)

Hey Jairdain I know you and I have talked before I went off to Ziost but as soon as I was packing up, my package for you had arrived. Figures, of all the fracking times that it arrives it's 4 hours before I have to report to the NJO for mission briefing. This gift I'm presenting to was made from the best seamstress in Naboo BB-12 and I had to painstakingly research the best creators in the galaxy. As soon as we found the seamstress we liked, I flew to Naboo where I paid her a visit, I spent hours talking about you Jair. Your grace, how you were able to calm people down in just a few words. It was so much that the seamstress told me that I didn't describe your physical looks which I was fracking embarrassed and BB-12 handed her the pic of you while sniggering at me the little bastard. You always had a flair for knowing how to dress even though you claim that you don't care, I wanted to up the ante try to create clothing that personifies your beauty while also keeping you comfortable.

It took a few weeks for this clothing to be made and even though I personally wanted to present it to you, I'll take comfort in the fact that you will receive this and know that I love you Jair truly. Hopefully when we meet again, you'll be wearing this attire.

Jax gave a chuckle before sighing. "I love you Jair," he said again before the holoprojector flickered off.