All across Sith Space and the galaxy as a whole, the HoloNet sprung to life as the latest SINN broadcast went live. Viewers were greeted with network’s newsreader, head held up in a fancy hairdo and a high collar dress to compliment it.
“This is Astrid Gray, reporting to you live from the Sith Imperial News Network. Taking a closer look at the events concerning our glorious empire.”
“In the wake of the victory on Mirial, the Empire has continued to welcome new systems into their protection. With the Silver Jedi in an apparent retreat, there was nothing further impeding the expansion of the Empire into new territories.”
The screen transitioned to show footage of Kushibah, hovering over and around Outpost Aleph, parts of which were on fire but still standing tall. Various personnel were moving about the interior courtyard, tending to the wounded and helping with the rebuild.
“Kushibah; home to the native Kushibans and Xinkras. Once mortal enemies, until forced to band together to survive against a mutated threat. While scientists have since confirmed there was no trace of the original virus remaining, it is believed that the Gulag Plague was responsible for mutation. It eradicated a majority of the natives when it spread across the galaxy, leaving a very small percentage untouched, only to be dominated by the overwhelming numbers of what would spring to life after that dark age.”
More footage began to show, flying over the fields that surrounded the outpost. Bodies of both the mutated Kushibans and Xinkras littered the scene, with workers moving about and stacking them into piles.
“Attempts to negotiate were met with aggression, culminating with the tragic loss of life at Outpost Aleph. In response, the Sith Empire dispatched a two-part force to exterminate the mutated beasts. Victory was achieved after several hours of vicious combat, with heavy casualties reported on the enemy’s side.”
“I am happy to say that the surviving natives; the ones who remained untouched for generations, have begun efforts to reintegrate in their former territory. A representative of the Kushibans had this to say.”
The screen switched to a rather low camera angle, with a dark-haired Kushiban at the center.
“For generations we have been threatened by our mutated kin. Pushed further away from our homes until we were at the brink of extinction. We are eternally grateful to the Sith Empire for their intervention on this matter, and freeing us from our oppressors.”
With the report on Kushibah over, the screen returned to Astrid.
“Yavin Four has an extensive history that has revolved around Jedi, Sith, Rebels, Imperials and Mandalorians. Today however, it is now back in the control of the Sith Empire. As the expansion continues, attention fell upon the Gordian Reach, discovering suspicious activity. From kidnappings to crimson tears being burned into walls, the Empire’s Saaraishash were quick to investigate.”
Various short clips began to appear on screen, showing documented evidence of the more physical parts of the indicated crimes.
“A group known as the ‘Tears of Vahl’ had propagated itself in secret, turning away from the Ember of Vahl and forming their own cult. Their operations spread so much in such a short time, that a two pronged assault was required to cull them. A task force was dispatched, infiltrating both the Emperor’s Sanctuary and an ancient Massassi Village.”
“Simultaneously, the Empire sought to bolster its presence in the sector. Individual forces were sent to Vaal; to rebuild a relay outpost, and Maridun to cull the slaver activity on the planet.”
Footage appeared on screen, hovering over and showing Sith-Imperial personnel moving in and out of the Emperor’s Sanctuary, along with more filling up the newly built outpost on Vaal.
“In more minor news, a report has come in of a science vessel malfunctioning while enroute to its destination. Thankfully a rescue party was dispatched quickly, and managed to reach the lost vessel before too long. And I’m happy to report that all crew and personnel are alive and accounted for.”
“Toward the wilder reaches of the Tingel Arm, the Sith Empire turned their gaze to Oricon. A bastion of potential, easily overlooked by many but seen as a investment by the Empire. Efforts were made to establish and construct further infrastructure across the planet, as well as eradicating potential rogue elements that might have otherwise remained hidden.”
Images and clips began to appear on screen, showing the construction efforts, demonstrating the growing hubs of activity that had arisen in their wake.
“Times are changing for the Sith Empire, and the galaxy as a whole. With the Silver Jedi Order in an apparent retreat, they have left those they once protected to fend for themselves. Already unrest has begun to settle across former Silver Space. Local forces have banded together to form militias, in hopes to build up a defence with what they have left. Where have the Silver Jedi gone? Why did they they abandon their people? All good questions, but so few good answers to go along with them.”
“Even with the Silvers gone, tensions have only increased since Mirial. This time towards the Galactic Alliance, who had the audacity to deny our sovereignty. Not long after the invasion, the Empire struck Tython in a bid to assist old allies of the Sith. The Alliance scrambled, only to fail, allowing the Empire to accomplish their goal.”
“Additionally, it is now believed that the Galactic Alliance were responsible for the cowardly hit-and-run attack on Muunilinst. While fingers have been pointed at others; such as the Silver Jedi, the evidence has already been stacked heavily towards the Alliance - especially with the events on Tython fresh in everyone’s minds.”
While Astrid spoke, footage began to play across the screen; both aerial and ground-side, showing the attack that had quickly struck Muunilinst before the perpetrators made an immediate retreat. It hovered over the few buildings that had been hit, with indistinct background chatter- though the words could not be made out, the sense of distress came through clearly in the recording.
“A military building containing a supply of thermal detonators was destroyed during the attack. While most of the explosion was contained to a single block - a number of the detonators were jettisoned further out and dealt damage to the surrounding area. An accurate count of the casualties are still being totalled.”
The screen finally returned to Astrid, looking straight at the camera.
“I don’t know about you ladies and gentlemen, but it seems these paragons of ‘justice and liberty’ have brought nothing but destruction and death to our homes, to our loved ones. Terrorist attacks on Imperial worlds. The Alliance has started a war they are little prepared for the consequences of- consequences that may ultimately reach across the galaxy. This is only the beginning, and the Empire must not allow such actions to go unanswered. As with the Silver Jedi, the Empire did not start this war, but we are prepared to finish it.”
“Until next time, this is Astrid Gray, reporting to you live from the Sith Imperial News Network."