All across Sith Space and the galaxy as a whole, an unused HoloNet channel suddenly sprung to life. Screens crackled with static until the Sith Empire logo faded into view, followed by the steady crawl of text.
The Sith Imperial News Network was officially live.
The screen transitioned over, changing to show a young woman, raven black hair held up in a fancy bun, with the collar of an elaborate dress wrapping high around her neck.
“This is Astrid Gray, reporting to you live from the Sith Imperial News Network. Taking a closer look at the events concerning our glorious empire.”
The screen zoomed out, revealing more of the newscaster, but also brought up a secondary screen. An image of Mirial showed up first, then it shifted to previously documented clips of the planet’s troubled history.
“Mirial; home planet to the Mirialans, has been dealt another devastating blow today. Previously decimated by the Primeval, then left in neglect by the Dominion. It was only with our Empire’s victory over the Dominion, that the Mirialans finally began to receive the aid they desperately needed. But our efforts were brought to a grinding halt when the Silver Jedi Order assaulted the capital city.”
“As previously reported on; the Sith Empire had made an immediate effort to assist the Mirialans in rebuilding what they had lost, going to great lengths in helping to hold back the undead that threatened to consume the entire city.”
Images began to shift across the screen, showing Sith troops on the ground moving supplies to population centers. Highlighting specific groups that were present; such as the Valkyries and the Imperial Mission.
“From everyday soldiers to the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, the Empire had a substantial presence on the planet when the Silver Jedi attacked. At three a.m. local time, ships descended upon the capital in an attempt to secretly infiltrate the city. With no consideration to the citizens of the Capital, drop pods were deployed within city limits, wreaking havoc and shattering any possibility of a surprise attack.”
More images began to flicker across the secondary screen, newly captured via a news drone that had been deployed. Showing clips of still burning skyscrapers, destroyed districts and parts of the outer wall still crumbling down.
“As you can see viewers, even in the wake of their arrival the Silver Jedi brought terror and destruction to the Mirialans. And that isn’t all ladies and gentlemen, as not long after, a rancor - yes, you heard that right. A rancor, was dropped onto the capitol building, crashing through the roof and several floors.”
The screen once again changed, this time to a clip that slowly rotated high above the now crippled building that once housed the Mirialan Council.
“Our Dark Lord; Kaine Zambrano was present in the building when it occurred. He had this to say…”
Astrid’s image zoomed out, replaced by Kaine; face marred with dirt and blood, clearly bruised and battered from his time on the planet. His smoldering amber eyes burning on the screen as he stared straight at the camera.
"The Mirialan people have suffered tremendously at the hands of the Jedi. When the Primeval cult ravaged this world, the Jedi did nothing to lift a finger to aid them, neither did the Dominion. When we, the Sith, finally came to assuage the plight of the Mirialan people, the Jedi in their capricious cruelty launched a devastating attack on the already downtrodden populace. Allying with a Death Cult, they sought to annihilate those that did not agree with their perverse doctrine of 'liberty'."
"But they have failed, as they always will, and the Empire will ensure that from this tragedy the Mirialan people will emerge stronger than ever before."
The screen finally returned back, placing Astrid back to the right with the secondary screen remaining on Kaine for a moment longer before transitioning back to the previous clip.
“You heard it here first folks, the Silver Jedi Order; the supposed peacekeepers of the galaxy, had allied themselves with the elusive cultists that have been terrorizing Mirial’s capital. Do their atrocities end there? I’m afraid not, as reports have come in that Silver forces were seen kidnapping citizens from their homes. Ordering a strafing run on a single Sith Lord, only to end up destroying a nearby hospital.”
Again, the images switched over to several angles of the aforementioned building. Workers busy with trying to remove the rubble and find survivors. The screen minimized, showing a pensive Astrid, eyes closed and shaking her head slightly.
“I wish this was the last of it viewers, but I regret to inform you that there was still one last blow dealt to the innocent Mirialans...but first a message from one of our Agents on the ground.”
The screen zoomed into the secondary, this time with the Chiss cyborg; Darth Filiae, front and centre.
"Imperial Agents on Mirial confirm that the Silver Jedi Order have attacked Mirial City. Civilian deaths have been confirmed. Citizens have been captured by the Silver Jedi Order. The destruction of property is in the millions and the trauma of the Mirialan population is beyond any price. The Sith Empire does not hold the Jedi to any high standard, but even this is a new low for the self-styled protectors of peace and liberty in the Tingel Arm. The Imperial Mission has begun their work to amass and send relief aid to Mirial despite the hostile military presence in the system, while the brave men and women of Mirial and the Imperial Forces risk their lives to keep terror from our borders."
“As you can see viewers, even with these troubling times, the Empire continues to bring support and aid those in need. And yet there are things that even our great Empire cannot undo.”
Astrid remained silent as images began to pop up on the screen, this time they began to form a grid around, each showing either a still image or a high angled camera shot of the capital city. Each showed a view of the devastation the Wall of Light had caused, burning people caught in it and setting fire to any buildings it touched.
"In an apparent 'final act' by the Silver Jedi, who are already being labeled 'The Butchers of Mirial', a powerful Wall of Light to descend upon one lone Sith. And yet it dealt a devastating blow to the city itself."
“We reached out to the Mirialan Council for comments, who were thankfully kept safe thanks to the efforts of the Saaraishash...”
Novak, the Councilman of Defense: "Today we have been shown once more that old alliances and sentiments hold no water any longer. The Sith Empire was there at our greatest need and continues to support us. We will not forget this."
Minnan, Councilwoman of Education: "It is not every gentle being who can say they stood on the precipice of history. Tonight, we did. In times like these, it is our duty and our privilege to make sure future generations know what happened and how we respond."
“There is at least some good news to come from this. The Silver Jedi Order have been successfully repelled from the planet and pushed out of the system. But that does not negate their actions and the devastation they have caused.”
“Is this what the Jedi class 'liberation'? Will they simply praise their actions, despite the destruction, as an act against the Empire? I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen, but I believe they should be tried for their crimes - for the senseless deaths of those most in need of our aid. This is Astrid Gray, reporting live from the Sith Imperial News Network."