So, following up with the previous post about where the story comes from, I suppose I should cover the biggest back drop that I use.

When I first started reading adult novels, it was when I was 12. My mother let me read "Salem's Lot", followed up by "Eyes of the Dragon" and then "Gunslinger". This was still before King had finished up his last three novels for the series, but, I was hooked. Once I started reading more, there was so much... related to the same thing, all of his novels exist in the same world, or there is a way to connect them all. Similar to other authors like Tolkien, everything existed on its own plane.

And while I love Star Wars, my top 'fandom' as it is, is the Dark Tower. The story, the interconnectedness of it all. No spoilers, but still, read them, if you're into fantasy, western, and some horror. The darker themes, macabre, everything just really resonated with me. Probably why I prefer the Dark Side.

Still, Dark Side leaning-Neutral, not so much a Sith, but not a good guy, but not a bad guy, Anti-Heroes if I get them into the level I want to write them.

I digress.

So, with my writing, there is the focus of the Starchasers. The family is something I've written for a while, alongside some characters (which with writer permissions) I sometimes will toss out in NPC. Granted one last name is used currently on the board, and I'm pretty sure they're NOT related. (Looking at you, Ardellians.)

So, last entry I mentioned the Imperial Order. The brief history is during the years following Endor (so we had our timeline at ~9 ABY or so), with the Empire breaking up, and Warlords taking over, a Dark Jedi....maybe a Sith, I'm fuzzy looking THAT far back, took over as "Emperor" and started the main force of the Imperial Order. Then through some OOC drama, it translated that the 174th Warbird Wing was being disbanded. Roleplaying and story writing was not good for a 'gaming guild' apparently.

Anyway, connections and story gave the Warbird Wing an Imperial Star Destroyer, which was part of a battle group, lead by a Sith Knight/Former Guardsman named Scall McLean. At this time, a character Lily Ardellian, Republic Jedi turned Imperial Sith was commander of the Wing and William Wigefield was a member of the Imperial Senate, and a Hand of Krath. The battlegroup began fleeing the Imperial Space for Chiss Space. Thrawn and the Empire of the Hand took the group in (after a collab story that took three OOC years to write, think BSG meets Star Wars).

Warbird Wing, and their sister team, the Nightstingers (commandos) began training together during these years, learning to live off what they had (Battlestar: Pegasus for example) and making both teams better. Warbird Wing became a sort of Wraith Squadron unit. Pilots who each had another skill that was useful. The armor was modified Scout Trooper armor, similar to Storm Commando armor married to TIE armor. Modified TIE Advanced fighters were given to the group, four lasers, shields, and hyperdrive. Each fighter became unique to the pilot, so did the armor.

Eventually the Warbirds started to fly sorties with Thrawn and connected with Jagged Fel (because touching Canon was okay for this instance). Eventually the pilots and Forcers of Warbird Wing began to take the shape of the Imperial Knights, and that's all she wrote, as they say.

So, taking liberties of a group I invested a lot of time in, I modified the story a bit to fit the timeline, despite some overlap from differing times, but Chaos lets me have that bit of 'well who knows what happened during the Darkness.' Or at least I take that liberty.

Sue me.

Instead of meeting up with Thrawn, the Dawn Treader and Warbird Wing/Nightstingers, continued journeying the galaxy (survivors looking for a home, called Earth). The Dawn Treader began to become modified, a machine shop to scavenge parts and repair weaponry and fighters, as well as becoming paramilitary. Living with Thrawn-inspired ideals and a bit of a military tribe minds, with Ship Commander, Ship XO, Wing Commander, Wing XO and Nightstinger CO and XO taking leadership roles in the tribe and movement of the ship. Children were born and raised on-board. They became classed, similar to their parents, pilots would be pilots, soldiers would be soldiers, cooks would be, well, cooks.

You get the idea.

At the age of 18, a child may choose, if they wish, to leave the Dawn Treader on an Odyssey. Two years to explore the galaxy, in order to see if the life aboard the ship is yours, or somewhere else. Each Odyssey is arranged by the parents, and most tend to stay with the ship, and some that do leave even bring others back. This was instated about two generations ago? Making it so that Coren Starchaser is NOT one of the first, but just one of the new guard.

Eventually, Jared Starchaser became Wing Commander, after the disappearance of his father and the promotion of Lily Ardellian to Ship Commander. He moved the ship into service of the Fel Empire, and following the fall of them, to the Fringe Federation. The ship had spent a lot of time in the Unknown Regions and fighting the darkness in the galaxy, as well as making the galaxy safe for Imperial powers, in the UR.

Warbird Wing was ALWAYS a Strike and Support Wing, but once they left the Imperial Order, the other writers/players and I began to make them an almost SPECTRE unit, using fighters as well as landing and carrying out ground ops, mostly because of the ease of making a D20 mission. Landing, sending off Force users and soldier types while others stayed piloting. A way to break it up. Some missions were search and rescue, others bounties, others creating issues for the Republic and hunting Jedi. Not necessarily the BEST at any one thing, but good at them all, based on the way the team was assembled.

I've written this unit, and that ship for a lot of years, and them, to me, are my Star Wars experience.

This had bled over into my other writings. With Marek, my goal was to try to branch out, however slowly. But even there, I moved into running a Corporation, Bright Star E.G. and creating ways for my stories to be linked. Sure, Marek is a Starchaser, but he's not of THOSE Starchasers, not exactly. Not traditionally Imperial, however he IS a capitalist. Then I joined up with the writers of the Tion Hegemony. Creating an agent to play all sorts of Cyberpunk ideas, Jennifer Blanchard was hired by Marek Starchaser as she was slicing into Bright Star Systems. And then, with the need for keeping space lanes clear, Marek created a small team to fly Niathals. And in order to do that, I reached out to Token Waters, another alt, and the connection began again.

Two characters that fall into my style of writing.

Jenn is a Baran Do trainee, learning to enhance her senses, mainly hearing, to learn what she can of the enemies of the Hegemony. Additionally, she'll learn electronic communication and a bit of ionize, to better affect computer systems. Her D20 Class would be Force Adept mixed with Tech Specialist.

Then Token, a Starchaser twice removed. Her... great-grandfather was Jared's great-grandfather. Token has a limited Force pool, very weak in the Force, but... she's got her powers. Sense being empathy. And an alter power that may or may not be useful. Force Resonate, a carry-over from Affecting Vibrations with the Force. Also helps that she is a musically inclined character. Her D20 class would be a Bard. Or Force User/Nobility.

The one constant is the Starchaser family.

They're my Dark Tower.