It is a time of change throughout the vast Bryn'adul Empire.

The loss of the Chieftain has caused the once unified Bryn'adul to begin to fracture and shift from their unity into fractured loyalties and desires. Constant losses from the frontlines have demoralized and weakened the resolve of many to continue as they have - the weakness of the galaxy has proven to be less easily expunged than expected.

In this time of change, the Tachael-Vemnak - the inquisitorial police of the Draelvasier - have been pushed to their limits attempting to preserve the institutions established by the Titan. Individual Warlords have begun to experiment with new forms of warfare that have provoked outrage and discourse between the Covenant on the whole.

The mighty Empire of the Bryn'adul is beginning to crack apart, and the Ish'makra is willing to set aside even the most strictly held ideologies if it means maintaining the unity of the group as a whole.

For the first time in its history, the Bryn'adul will breach its sacred mission... and accept outsiders into its ranks.

Dubbed Tenebrim - a bastardization of the word "Tenebrak" meaning "traitor or heretic" in the Draelvasier tongue, the Tenebrim are not traitors to the creeds of the Bryn'adul, but rather, traitors to their own kind.

Those outsiders willing to abandon their outdated and disgusting societies and cultures and who pledge their loyalty to the
Tenants may stay side to side with the Bryn'adul in wiping away the weakness of the galaxy. Many Warlords require Tenebrim to be marked with a mutation of one form or another so that they can be easily identified by their allies... others are unwilling to keep them within their ranks whatsoever - it is a time of upheaval... but the worth of these rebels will be discovered one way or another.

The Bryn'adul is now open to anyone willing to help us eradicate the galaxy.