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    • [background=Intent: To canonise the fleet @Robogeber will be using in the upcoming Galactic War. [/size]
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      [*][background=[b]Role:[/b] The Sixth Fleet is officially the defensive naval fleet for the Barkhesh, and Anoat Sectors. However, unofficially, it is the long arm of Supreme Leader, Sieger Ren.
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      [*][background=Affiliation: Sieger Ren, The First Order, Carlyle Rausgeber.[/size]
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      [*][background=Deployment: [/size][background=[[/size][background=Choose from the following: Mass, Minor, Limited.[/size][background= Originally referred to as "Strength," this reflects a general idea of how many of these NPCs are deployed at once as part of this unit. [/size][background=[i]Mass units are deployed in larger numbers, like Stormtroopers. Minor units see more restricted deployment size, like Shadowtroopers. Limited units often appear in very small numbers, like the Imperial Royal Guard. More powerful units tend to have a lower strength designation and availability.[/i]]
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