Old Pa'Dan, Pa'Desh


Ranks of them stood, dressed in the white, shining plastoid, glimmered in the midday sun. The procession had been specifically tailored that way. Ranks and ranks of stormtroopers, and officers in their black woollen tunics, standing side by side. It was masterful scene setting, reminiscent of the grand parades held Dosuun, a deliberate decision made by newly named Chief Morale Officer Dantez. Standing before them all, atop an ornately carved sandstone dais,was Grand Admiral Carlyle Rausgeber. Body taut, and behind a podium, flanked by staltwalt, gargantuan Death Troopers. Camera probes circled around, capturing the best angles of the crowd, and the speech maker. A large First Order banner fluttered minutely behind him, crimson, and glowing behind his slender figure. Rausgeber cut a dashing figure: skin tanned and his face, lathered in a smattering of hair, the beginnings of a beard, eyes, bloodshot and droopy with bags. The latter was a deliberate decision upon his part, to display a rugged sense of camaraderie with the beleaguered forces of the First Order.
After allowing a good few moments for technicians to collect their ideal angles, the show would begin. “My patriots, my countrymen.” The Grand Admiral began, voice beginning, and reverberating as an echo through the masses. “A great hardship has fallen upon our people and our empire.” He continued, looking up, “Our people suffer and die at the hands of the treacherous invaders, and the degenerates who defy our will, our peace and our mandate.” The Grand Admiral continued, “But we are far from defeated. Our will, our might, and our strength as people may be tested, but it is not broken. Not shattered, and never will be!”
The declaration was met with a pause, “Our society, our way of life, and our identity, are at threat, and it will take a great effort. One of momentous courage momentous sacrifice . Momentous strength of will to execute!” The officer viciously glowered, “I ask each and every man, woman and child, who has any weapon, any strength left, to rise up, and defend our culture and our identity, as a proud and united empire!”
“Do not make any bones about it. Do not lie to yourselves or be deluded,” The Grand Admiral warned, “It will take war. War and conflict, the size and strength of which are unimagined and unparalleled in our day and age. Total warfare is the necessity we as a people face.” Rausgeber solemnly continued, “Total war, is the only means to preserve our culture. Total war is the only way we can revive the strength of the First Order.”
“But you are not alone, the struggle is not one you must undertake by yourselves, we are with you. We will return, and we will conquer!” Rausgeber let the words resonate, before a synced salute. Thousands of stormtroopers raising their clenched fists, and slamming them upon their breastplates. “And to, those opportunists, those traitors who now act and pretend as liberators.” The Grand Admiral callously sneered, “Prepare yourselves, because we, we as a people,as a government, as an empire, will never, ever surrender!”