Journal Entry 1.
As I traverse this wondrous land known as the Galaxy, I am constantly given a new reason to be in awe of the creativity of the Force. Not only are there many worlds with many species, but the endless ways that they view the Force itself.
Among them, each species holds a distinct culture, though each has developed a means of self-protection. As a student of the arts of the martial variety, an endless appreciation for these forms have come upon me and I am compelled to record them. Not just for myself and those who are to read this today, but so that those of tomorrow may read and learn as well.
Cseah bah to tohn'i
It should come as no surpise that the first combat method I record is that of my own species—though admittedly I am as the dead to them. Translated, the phrase means “Way of the Fist.” Their form of self-defense is not unlike their culture—direct, hard, and solid. Blows are strong, and centered, the objective is to end the fight as quickly and honorably as possible. A heavy reliance of fists and elbows are used. Grappling is avoided at all costs. I am prone to wonder if this has something to do with their innate disposition of scorn towards intimacy. Kicks are not a strong point in this fighting style, though they may be employed in the most severest of ways to break bones such as knees and shins.
The strikes are cruelly effective, the fist is dominated by the center knuckle, akin to a shock boxer’s blows. Blocks are used over dodges, redirection is hardly ever used. Precision is a must.
Ch'sei Birtan
The fighting style of the Twe’lik is not one to be trifled with. Often known for their co-ordination and dancing, it should come as no surprise to those of the galaxy that their fighting style is named in the native tongue “Deadly dance.” The fighting is very fluid, relying heavily on dexterity and agility. Ch’sei Birtan, from my reading of the ancient tomes, seems to have evolved for dancers specifically, the most volatile of the race. There is a strong reliance on kicking and the building of momentum. Practitioners must be in keenly fit dispositions for the endurance needed is taxing. While clearly able to flourish in open spaces, this style is useless in close quarters. There is a moderate use of grappling, though not extensive. Punching almost is non-existent in this fighting style, instead blows with the hand largely consist of chopping motions. Knees and elbows are used to create distance for the feet and hands. Blocking is almost non-existent, dodging predominates. An interesting set of pressure points intent upon the lekkus is dominate the higher ranks of this style and the few blocks of this style are used to protect them.
Doppomka- cinva
The predominate style of Nekto, this style is rather unique from the rest of the galaxy, with a subsect for each sub-species. I shall not meaner upon this for this time, though I may clarify the distinctions at another point. It took me quite some time to find where this style came from, thought the answer was deceptively simple; matting rituals. This style makes an odd use of the head, requiring it in a number of strikes. One is at a loss to deny its effectiveness—especially within a race that has head-spikes and unusually thick skulls. One tragically effective strike involves lodging the centermost horn into the opponent’s throat. Strength is valued above all else within this style and it excels in close quarters. Blows are generally absorbed, there are no dodges and blocks are few. Grappling is paramount here, chokeholds, locking of joints, and so on. Pressure points are not uncommon, but onto predominant.
The most fascinating part of this style is the seeming dichotomy; two sets of attacks exist within this fighting style. One is denoted to towards outsiders and relies on severe prejudice and lethality. The other side that appears to be dedicated to those within the species is less intent on murder and more on a resolution. Given the circumstances of their home world, this evolution does not surprise me in the least.
Disclaimer: this is all fanon. However, I thought the fighting styles that preclude lightsaber battles could use some creative attention, too. J