My name is Akio Diachi. I am the last of my clan. Though the secrets of my clan have been kept quiet for hundreds of centuries, it is time they came to light. I care not what happens any longer.
The Order of Senshi do not accept outsiders. Based out of the mountains of Dantowine, the order was established by Umbarians in attempt to preserve a heritage long lost. However, I was taken. I do not know why they accepted the Chiss like me, I was too young to know. They raised me. They conditioned me.
All of Shenshi was based off a credo. The legend was that the death of the gods and the curse they placed upon the mortals birthed the credo:
Peace is a lie there is only passion.
Passion yet serenity.
Through passion I gain strength.
Through strength I gain chaos
Chaos, yet haromy.
From the point the initiate is able to speak, he is taught to recite this constantly. From morning till night this credo is bred into their minds, relentlessly. They are taught off it, and a thousand maxims are born from it. However, from this flows all of Senshi.
Peace is a lie there is only passion.
The first line of the credo draws to the animal within the initiate. For centuries the inhabitants of the worlds have desired to find peace. This is a lie. The now-dead gods created the worlds, some as prisons and others as paradises. Under the feet of the gods from the dust the gods brushed off their feet, the mortals rose. The gods feared that the mortals would gain power over them, so they fled but cursed all to forever war but hunger for peace. The enlightened understand that peace was, peace is, peace shall always be, a lie.
Passion yet serenity.
Mortals, however, were not so foolish as to be confined to barbaric murders of war. In time, the mortals came to understand that art is like the gods. Discipline makes one like the gods. Through death and using the passion well, mortals could breath death into art. This death, for is challenge, became the highest form of art. At last, hoping to win the mortals over, Sentoki, the god who loved war the most, sent to man a new thing; the tools of art for death.
Passion yet serenity.
Using the gift of Sentoki, and the curse of the gods, the mortals rebelled and went to war with the gods. Their curse of war and passion was redeemed into the art of serenity and harnessed into a strength. The gods were no match to the mortals and were themselves killed under the power of the passions. When the masters of this art die, they ascend to the now-vacant pure paradise of the gods. The ascended masters, if they are proud of us, accept us again into these halls. If they are not, we are sent back into a new body for a second chance.
Through strength I gain chaos.
Many of the mortals still contain the greatest weakness of the gods; the weakness of chaos. The haze of chaos allows followers of senshi to take the lives in art, and survive. Chaos is not the goal, by striving for chaos the mortal looses the art of the kill. Chaos is tool, it is not to be the end goal, but the means to the end.
Chaos yet harmony.
Though there is honor gained in the art of the kill, the art of the kill gains nothing through senseless violence. The art of the kill is clean, swift, and with minimal collateral damage. The harmony is not the lie of peace, but the truth of discipline. The harmony of chaos in that all things do die and all things do fall. By accepting this harmony, the harmony of the fall, the harmony of death, one becomes the agent of it and must do remorselessly.