Hey there. This is something I wrote up this morning, and I think people here would enjoy it. So, here it is! If you have critiques or comments, I would love to hear them!

Silence. Silence filled the air as she lay dying. She knew she was dying, there was no other option. That bullet spelled the end for her, and both she and her hunters knew it. There wasn't much time before they found her, and she needed to be long gone.
So she gritted her teeth in agony, and began dragging her broken body across the rough ground. If she could just make it to the road, then someone would surely take her to a hospital. She would have to depend on common human courtesy, it seemed. She dragged herself another few centimeters forward, letting out a hiss of pain. Almost there, almost there! Another few meters, and she could finally be free!
But then footsteps filled the alley, and she began to panic. They couldn't have found her so quickly! She had thrown them off in the last chase, surely they should still be looking in that apartment complex? But lo and behold, they were here, and it didn't take them long to catch up to her struggling form.
She tried to fight, but soon she was pinned to the ground, and her struggles were useless. She watched in horror as a gun was shoved in her face, and she inhaled deeply, for one last message:
"I am human! I am human! I am hu-"

Corran stared at the powered-down synthetic, deep in thought. This one had been trouble, it really had. These AMANDA models were smarter than most synthetics, and had provided a long chase. As one of the techs plugged a portable data module into it's head port, he wondered what had set this one off. From what he'd seen, this one was absolutely convinced it was human, even more than the usual.
It had escaped it's owner about two weeks earlier, and it had not been a peaceful parting. The AMANDA model had left it's owner in about three different pieces, and had assumed her identity. A neighbor heard the struggle and called authorities, and from there Corran was contacted. He had picked up the trail quickly enough, and the hunt was on from there.
The tech handed him a datapad with the data downloaded from the synthetic, and Corran looked it over, his eyebrow raised. Damn, this one really was crazy. It was convinced that it was the human, and it's owner was the synthetic. In it's mind, it acted in self-defense when the owner gave it orders.
Corran simply sighed. Another case that ended in more deaths than it needed to. As the clean-up crew arrived, he got into his skycar, and flew off, his mind more troubled now than before.

He arrived at his apartment, and was relieved to find it just as he left it. Dallas was one of the biggest cities in the world, and that meant it was rife with crime. But he didn't have to worry about that today, and that meant he could sleep off a tough day in peace. These days, that was worth something, at least.
He made himself a quick meal, just some 30-second preperation tray. It tasted good, as it was meant to, the sticker on it's plastic wrapping proudly announcing it's genetic enhancement. That earned it a price uppage, and had cost him about ten dollars. It was in the cheap end of the spectrum, but then he didn't care much for the more expensive items. This was affordable and would keep him alive, therefore it was good.
Corran finished his meal in silence, and put the tray and plastic utensil in his garbage can. He climbed into his bed, and closed his eyes, surrendering his mind to the overlord of sleep, ready for tonight's round of night terrors.