Sent to the residence of Cara Dorniarn
Lambda Quarter, 423.

Begin playback:

Honestly, I'm not even sure if this will get to you. The comm's officer you sent with us said that this frequency...should be able to make it back to the ineditorum, to you..but who knows.

[For a moment, the feed of the message fizzles out, resulting in the screen being little more than static. Sending messages out of the nether was still quite a task, even for those within the Ineditorum and all the brilliant minds that filled it. After a moment, the buzzing of static fades, and the perky face of the young witch is once again seen. It appears as though she was speaking during the small time the static filled the screen, and the feed was fading back in as she finished a thought.]

....send better food next time. I swear, I've told you finding food in this place is nigh impossible. The least we could've done is pack something more than these force-nasty nutribars..

[A pause, long enough for the witch to turn and watch as someone else entered into the tent to check a few data pads spread out on a table behind her. It seemed as though the recording station was set up in a research tent of some kind. No private tent for the witch this time around.]

Figured it would be high time that I sent an update outside of the official logs that I desperately hope are getting through. They..the other scientists, say they are...but I know the nether better than anyone. That's why I'm here, right? And not..not with you.

[Sha seems to catch herself here, wincing as her words left her lips. Perhaps she didn't want to feel sorry, or send jabs toward the recipient of the message. Regardless, it had been said, and a soft sigh left her throat as she turned to look fully back at the screen.]

I know why you sent me here, to help these scientists navigate and figure out where in the heck they're going in this place. I was able to bring us to..generally a safe place. It's not horribly far from the portal I opened up. Maybe a day or so's of today, at least. If the logs have gotten to you, it'll show that there are very few places in the nether that stay in the same place for a long period of time. The scientists are talking about working on some sort of reality anchors, to hold pieces down so to speak. I don't know if that'll work exactly, but I can try and help them as much as possible..

[It was obvious that this was the sort of work that made Sha tick. She was clearly enjoying it, and even as the feed once again fazed into a buzzing screen of static, she continued to appear to speak. The entire message this time, however, didn't come back. The nether once again claimed the message, and the last of it, some thirty seconds, was little more than static forever lost.]