Sent to the residence of Cara Dorniarn
Lambda Quarter, 423.

Begin playback: this thing on?

[Rustling can be heard from the background as the redheaded witch appears on the screen, looking visibly confused but relieved to see her reflection in the holo's feed.]

I suppose it's working...I guess I'll find out when I try and send it to you here in a little bit. After seeing you had sent me something earlier, I thought it'd probably be a good idea from one of thes..holopad you gave me, to send you something back and tell you that I...had to leave the station for a bit.

[A pained look now appeared on her face as the truth had to come out, though maybe she didn't want it to come out maybe so early.]

There...there was an issue that popped up in the western part of the...on the border. Some sort of..cultists, woshipping what the witches believe to be a kind of..nether god. We don't have a whole lot of information on them yet..but a temple popped up on the Nightmother's radar and well.........I left the labs to explore it. Don't worry! I brought one of my mynocks to protect me.

[Shamira flashes a nervous smile, just as Tenebra Erys calls out to her from outside of the tent.]

It sounds like I..should probably get going. Just wanted to update you a bit, and if I come back with some new bruises...well, they weren't from the blonde assistant from Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir , no matter what the others might tell you when you get back. I'll..

[A pause, betraying the genuine nervousness behind the typically strong witch's gaze.]

I'll be careful. And I promise, I'll see you back at the labs soon. Now, how do I turn this thin-

[The video pauses on Shamira's face, her smile a turn from how the mood of the video might've felt to the scientist it was being sent to.]

End Playback.