At some point, Rave stumbled on a fragmentary Rebel Alliance/New Republic record from just after the second Death Star blew up. It's in pretty poor condition, and records from that time period are always contradictory anyway, but some pieces interested her.
Apparently there was a rumor going around Alliance High Command that Darth Vader took captured Jedi to Mustafar and tortured them there. I've never heard of anything like this, and neither had Rave, but she's got a note here that says Vader massacred some Separatist leaders there not long after his fall to the Dark Side. It's also, apparently, where Kenobi mutilated him and left him for dead. Torturing Jedi there would seem consistent. A means of taking back control, maybe.
Some interesting notes here on tractor beams and hyperdrives. For certain kinds of ship, it's impossible to jump to hyperspace while caught in a capital-scale tractor beam. You try and jump, and you just shudder and don't. I knew that, and it's why I love tractor shrouds, but these were whole other kinds of ships. Worth investigating.
There's a piece here on ancient temples left by a civilization called the Ahia-Ko, in the Canyon of Akar on Akiva. The Ahia-Ko structures comprised massive complexes. Not far away, perhaps connected, is a massive cave system stretching all the way to the capital.
Apparently, on Akiva, there was a bit of a black market for "mysterious patina-darkened vases depicting images of men in dark robes with red faces," sold in connection with old books. Rave apparently intended to visit Akiva and look for intact or fragmentary Sith pottery.
Oh. Oh, my. It turns out Herglics have a weak point, a serious one. One palm-heel strike to the right spot on a Herglic warrior's nose, and he's absolutely out of commission. Intense pain, rivers of saline snot. Now that's a secret worth money, and worth knowing if I ever have to tangle with that Darth Orcus fellow.
I'd never heard of the comet Kinro, but it's not your average comet. In fact I suspect it has very little to do with normal comets. Here's the actual account: "The debris: the pulverized left-overs from the comet Kinro, a celestial object once predicted to carve a path through the Core Worlds eons ago, sure to destroy one or several planets or the people on them. The history books [no longer extant] suggest that it was the Jedi who banded together, and several gave their lives (some, just their minds), willing the comet to break apart before it ever even punched a hole through the Mid Rim." The debris field is in the Outer Rim, near Akiva. Plenty of implications here.
This bit here may be from Imperial sources. It references someone named Tashu, a non-Force-sensitive scholar who was close to the Emperor. "Palpatine felt that the universe beyond the edge of our maps was where his power came from. Over the many years he, with our aid, sent men and women beyond known space. They built labs and communications satellites on distant moons, asteroids, out there in the wilds. We must follow them. Retreat from the galaxy. Go out beyond the veil of stars. We must seek the source of the Dark Side like a man looking for a wellspring of water." I have the location where Starkiller Base was constructed, deep in the north end of the Unknown Regions. I've even sold it as a curio, since I vetted the spot. That may have been a mistake.
Three Imperial Star Destroyers were capable of blocking all communications from a single planet. Note to self.
Here's another detail that's never getting disseminated. There's apparently a relationship between Force Drain and life extension. That Tashu fellow again: "Did you know that Sith Lords could sometimes drain the Force energy from their captives? Siphoning life from them and using it to strengthen their connection to the Dark Side? Extending their own lives, as well, so that they could live for centuries beyond their intended expiration?" Might explain how long Adas ruled.
Zygerrian slavers used a blaster-like weapon called a needler. It made "ropes of red lightning" that were meant to cause pain, and could be dialed up or down as needed. Neuronic whip as ranged weapon. At full power, it can cause a heart attack.
A Dark Side group called the Acolytes of the Beyond once bought a lightsabre purported to be Vader's (it wasn't). They destroyed it so it could "be returned to its master in death." Parallel with the riches in Sith tombs?
An insurgent group called the Anklebiter Brigade, unofficial and unknown allies of the Rebel Alliance, fought the Empire on Coruscant. They were pre-pubescent street rats.
There are thermal detonator variants -- once quite common -- that were inert until primed. You could shake them, throw them, kick them, drop them without setting off baradium. Apparently the ancients were much better with baradium than we are.
Interesting material here on trading with Jawas. "These little scavengers, they work on rapport. You buy something now, something small, and then you come back and then you buy bigger. And eventually, after a dozen or so visits, you start to see what they really have on offer. The real goods." It's not the source of the Dark Side or a heretofore-unknown means of functional immortality, but it's probably a lot more useful.