Strategic foreclosure, for those who don't study economics, is the concept that when burdened with a certain amount of debt, it is logically more sound to abandon the investment than to continue making payments. There can be many reasons to do this, one of them being that payments aren't actively impacting increasing debt in reference to the house (which can be caused by numerous reasons). In laymen's terms, its the notion of walking away or letting go. And I think it has a practical application to Chaos. I use it in my writing relatively often, to dictate utilization of the force. But even grander, I'd like to apply it to the IC war that is occurring between the One Sith and the Galactic Republic.
Invasion being the house, of course, and while we continue to entertain the idea of engaging one another (payments), we continue to accrue debt in the form of animosity and hatred and all those other negative words that typify whatever is going on lately. I'm sure I could go on all day with this metaphor, describe the intricacies of the situation and why I think it's occurred, but I don't want to waste anyone's time. But what I want to do is clarify the opinion of the One Sith staff, and I will do so with a proposal for all the member base to see.
Proposal to the Galactic Republic: Don't invade the One Sith after Balmorra. Everyone is tired of invasions, particularly between these two factions. And I suspect that extends across the board, an impact for which I'm more than happy to take the lion's share of the blame. That's fine. Just, don't drag these two factions through another invasion. The One Sith has no intention of counter attacking. Any proposal to do so will be denied. Why? Because the toxicity is rampant and it's bled into the boards. Time and distance is what is needed, not new manners of concocting invasion terms or gaming or asking for writers to sacrifice their integrity for the spirit of winning. We need a separation. As such, it's the official policy of the One Sith to foreclose upon this relationship until a time where both faction admin groups come together and agree that, for the sake of story and ooc health, an invasion makes sense. I don't intend to set down expectations for a timeline as I don't know if that's possible.
We can't stop the Galactic Republic from invading the One Sith. We've never attempted to deny an invasion and we never will. But we won't be starting any with the Galactic Republic any time soon. For those in the GR that I don't speak to, know that it's not the OS's desire to destroy you, ooc. We just want to move on and start enjoying the fighting between Jedi and Sith again, like we used to.