Sol Wachtler, former Chief Judge of New York State, once made a claim that state attorneys had so much influence over a Grand Jury, that they could convince them to indict a ham sandwich. For those that don't know, a Grand Jury is the stepping stone between making an accusation of crime to offering an indictment or formal charge. In a way, it's a testing ground for the prosecutors to determine whether the case is 'viable' before being taken to formal court. I've had some time to do research into this process largely because it is tied to what I can only assume will be a significant turning point in my families life.
Last Thanksgiving, my mother and father received a call that they needed to come into the sheriffs office for questioning. After the interview, they were informed that a relative of mine was levying pretty substantial charges against my father. Up until just prior to Christmas, we had assumed that these charges were going to civil court. However, through the grapevine, we learned that the case was being taken to Grand Jury. Grand Jury's are largely secretive and in situations like this, are at the disadvantage of the future defendant (feel free to correct me on my law terminology, it's not my vocation). Either way, my father didn't get to speak his side of the story. Instead, last Friday, he received news that the circuit court was going to pursue indictment.
The biggest issue with this isn't whether he is innocent or not. The allegations are false. However, in order to defend himself, he needs to raise somewhere between $10,000 - $30,000. A substantial sum made even more difficult by the fact that banks don't often provide large loans for people's legal fees, particularly for defense in criminal court. The concern is over return of loan, which is valid.
So I've begun the process of attempting to crowd fund my father's defense. I can only give him so much for the defense so I am taking whatever avenues are there. As such, with @Tefka's blessing, I'm asking you all for help.
Here is the crowd sourcing page.
For those that can help with donations, thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those that can't, thank you for taking the time to read this. And if you get the chance, share it with those that might be able to help or spread the word.