After Netherworld

The lowest slums of Coruscant were thriving with hidden talent. Many of the deprived people there could easily excel in the dark side, using the suffering of their unfortunate lives to fuel them. However most of them missed the opportunity, instead wasting their lives away as criminals or beggars. That was why Valtryx was here, to fulfill the destiny of one of the many delinquents who were stuck here. Usually a Sith would look for an apprentice to turn, but she was not here for that. She was here for a captive to clone for her own uses. After Valtryx’s ultimate plan was complete, she would need to disappear, and what better way to disappear than to complete change your appearance.

The Yodaling had learned the basics of transferring one’s essence to another body, and she knew that within time she would be powerful enough to successfully do so. First however, a blank clone was needed to become the new vessel. Valtryx considered whoever was to be chosen as lucky, they would be apart of something greater than lowly crime, whether they wanted to or not. Of course, they wouldn’t live to see it. After all, you can’t have two of the same person walking around causing trouble.
The Sith stood in the shadows, her hood pulled over her face and her eyes constantly scanning the passers-by. One of these people would be a part of her grand plan, and they had no idea…

It was a few hours before anything caught her eye. Plenty of Ithorians, Rodians and Humans passed by, but none of them suited her needs. She needed a body that could utilise Ataru effectively, without compromising height or too much strength. Yes, height and strength was a problem with her current form…
A woman came by, strolling calmly along without a care for anything around her, including the Sith watching her. Valtryx examined her long, dark red hair and athletic build. Her thin yet strong frame looked perfect, and so Valtryx began her pursuit. Walking slowly through the crowd, she followed the woman on her route. She seemed to be heading to a more quieter industrial area; perfect...

After a few minutes they entered the industrial area that seemed empty and derelict, at least at the moment. Valtryx noticed the woman looked like a mercenary, dressed in a leather outfit that not just anyone would wear and carrying two swords on her back. While they were heading down a thin alley-way, the woman took a sharp turn right into one of the warehouses. Valtryx slowed down, cautiously looking for an alternative entrance. With a giant leap with the force, she landed on the roof of the warehouse and crawled up to one of the skylights. From there she could see the woman had her swords drawn; she must have known she was being followed.
The Yodaling dropped down, igniting her red lightsaber and bringing it down on the woman. Two blades came up in an X-shape to block, but the energy merely sliced through them. Valtryx’s lightsaber caught the woman’s chest on it’s way down, causing her to fall backwards and scream in pain. “Pathetic swords, they are.” The Sith would say, eyeing her victim who was wriggling pathetically on the floor. With a final slice from her red blade, Valtryx ended the woman’s life.

As she kneeled beside the dead body, the Yodaling ran her fingers along the crimson red hair on her head. The specimen would be perfect. Pulling a knife out from her belt, she began taking samples from the body. Strands of hair, skin samples, blood and nails to name a few. It was not a pleasant process, but it was necessary. The grand plan was slowly coming to life. Not long now and she would be reborn. Stronger, faster and incognito. Even her own friends wouldn’t recognise her, except maybe from her aura. But that was something else she was working on, suppressing her aura like Krest did so well.


When the plan was over, she would be almost as tall as him, the same build as him. The Zabrak was her closest friend before she became Sith, and even now after their dreadful battle she wanted to keep him close. She had been taught to keep her emotions in control, but concerning him, it was different...
Snapping from her thoughts, Valtryx put the samples safely in small containers, which then went into a satchel by her waist. What to do with the woman though? One last look at the body gave her the answer. No evidence left. Igniting her crimson red blade again, she began the bloody job that needed to be done to hide the evidence.
In the end, only the wretched smell remained.

* * *​

Back in her private quarters at the Sith Temple, Valtryx washed the blood from her hands, whilst examining the DNA samples she had laid out on the table in front of her. Her room had been transformed into some sort of lab, littered with machinery around one central cloning tube. Once her hands were clean, she began her work. Inputting the samples into the various machines, they began analysing the genetic structure. Within a few minutes the system had recorded it, and started it’s process of recreating it inside the tube.

At the moment only a small sphere of organic matter resided in the tube, with various wires feeding into it. Within a few weeks it would take form of the human she had killed. A strange thought, but Valtryx did not see it that way. She saw it as a new version of her. Bigger, better, stronger. With her new form she would achieve much more than her current weaker body.

Was it madness that brought her to hate her current self?

Who knows?