Minna's flight to Dantooine was a reflective one. All the way she thought of her new path of Balance, wondering what her mother would think if she saw her now. Her starfighter touched down not far from the cave, and so the walk didn't take long. The small creature pulled up the hood on her new grey robes, using her walking sticks to support the small journey. Upon arriving at the 'Crystal cave' Minna examined the many crystals there. She closed her eyes, allowing the force to guide her to the crystal she needed, a White one.
There, infront of her after only a few steps, was the one she needed. She retrieved it as carefully as she could, then walked to the area of the cave that many Jedi before had crafted their lightsabers. From within her robes she retrieved all the necessary parts that she had gathered along the way here and sat down cross-legged with everything laid out before her. She closed her eyes, feeling the force around her, reaching out to it and using it to imbue the crystal with the force, then fasten the lightsaber's hilt around it.
* * *​
The next day, Minna opened her eyes, gazing up her new creation. Her small hand reached out, grabbing it as she stood up. Activating the lightsaber, a bright white blade appeared, illuminating the cave. With her new lightsaber created, and her new robes, she made her way back to her starfighter, for a flight back to the Grey Jedi Temple.