My fellow Balmorrans, citizens of the Galactic Alliance,

The galaxy which we call home has long been a place of rife with disagreement - a disagreement that has often resulted in the plague of war. Here in the Reclaimed Core, we see scars, remnants of these terrible conflicts. Even on my home planet of Balmorra deep wounds left by our would-be Sith overlords are evident in the very foundations of our society... scars that manifest as craters and canyons left behind by the ancient Empire that turned our planet into a fortress world and a machine of war.

Too long have we expressed these disagreements through violence and war. As a civilized people, we must, all of us, resolve to settle our differences through negotiation and diplomacy whenever possible.

For that purpose, I am proud to congratulate our long-time allies, the Silver Jedi Concord on the election of their new government. I further congratulate Penelope Coldwell, Castien, and Vril and commend them for assuming such a daunting task as the ruling triumvirate of this new, wonderous endeavor of democracy. Even now, we strive together against the evil threat of the Bryn'adûl, proving to the rest of the galaxy that it is possible to disagree on matters of governance and still strive together for a more perfect society.

I know better than anyone that the uneasy peace we have cultivated in the central regions of the galaxy was hard-won and will require the continuous efforts of us all to maintain. The formation of this new federation on our galactic south-eastern border will ensure that democracy lives to see another day. It will only be through our tireless efforts that we may once again witness the periods of peace and prosperity enjoyed by our ancestors, but I have faith that we will be able to realize this goal.

May the Force be with us, and may the Force be with you all,