My fellow Balmorrans, citizens of the Galactic Alliance,

The Galactic Alliance is founded on the values of respect for the dignity of life, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and respect for the inalienable rights of all sentient beings. It has long been our aim to share these values with the galaxy through missions of peace and friendship, and in doing so we have graciously welcomed many sovereign systems to our cause. War is not our way and war for its own sake is diametrically opposed to everything we stand for. Still, sadly, we are sometimes called upon to act in the defense of our values and those who share them.

Recent reports have indicated that the vicious ethnocentric Bryn'adûl may be preparing to launch an unprovoked attack against our neighbors to the Galactic East, the Silver Jedi Order. Not unlike our Alliance, the Silver Jedi have long stood watch over their people as sentries against chaos and tyranny. Many of the values we espouse, they also hold dear, and very soon they could be threatened. It is the duty of this Alliance, our duty, to ensure the Silver Jedi do not meet this threat alone.

In the coming days, I will join the Honorable Senator of Kuat, Julius Loghain in the Galactic Senate Chamber and co-sponsor his bill to authorize the deployment of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force personnel to aid the Silver Jedi Order should the Bryn'adûl attack. The bill, if passed, would also establish a Joint Task Force to coordinate military strategy with the Order. Additional details regarding the contents of this bill will be released when they are made available in the Senate.

There may be voices of opposition to this measure who will try to convince us that this bill is dangerous by saying "we should not be looking outward' or "we should not be fighting other people's wars'. To those detractors, I remind them that, the Galactic Alliance is not an isolationist state, looking ever inward. Nor have we ever turned a blind eye to atrocities being committed on our watch, no matter how far from home we see them. If we ignore this threat now, the darkness may be on our doorstep before we know it and worse, we may find ourselves facing it alone.

I would like to thank Senator Loghain for his prescience and decisiveness in proposing such legislation and look forward to the final text of the bill being read on the Senate floor. I will be urging my noble colleagues in the Galactic Alliance Senate to approve this measure, which I feel is vital to the continuing stability of this galaxy and our Alliance.

I look forward to the Chancellor of the Alliance announcing the result of this vote upon the conclusion of the Senate session.



This In Character Statement comes from the Office of Senator, expressing her opinion and intent to legislate. It doesn't affect actual OOC GA policy. Official faction statements and policy changes will be announced by a Spirit, Admin, or Owner.​