My fellow Balmorrans, citizens of the Galactic Alliance,

A few hours ago, I was administered the oath and assumed the office of Senator of Balmorra I speak to you now, on the eve of a historic moment in the course of galactic history, a moment that will ensure the continued spread of democracy, peace, and justice throughout the galaxy. With the formation of the Galactic Alliance, we embark on this journey with a renewed purpose and a united set of virtues that have bound together the people of this galaxy for millennia...

As I promised during my campaign, I am committed to this purpose and these ideals. As your Senator, I journey to Coruscant to continue to work for the people of our planet to ensure a strong and secure republic for generations to come.

To that end, I have made the following issues a priority for the Balmorran Delegation to the Senate:

  1. First, that a strong, unified, and empowered federal government is key to ensure stability and protect the rights of the citizens of this republic. We must reject the assertions of populism and corporate interests, putting our faith instead, in democracy. During my term, I will support no law that seeks to dismantle the vital functions that our government plays in protecting our livelihoods.

  2. Second, that slavery in all of its forms is abhorrent and should be outlawed. This includes indentured servitude. We cannot call ourselves free if the least among us remain shackled. In my first 100 days in the Senate, I will introduce a comprehensive package of laws to finally prohibit this barbaric practice and levy harsh penalties on any who would seek to defy it.

  3. Finally, that all citizens of the Alliance who wish to work be provided with gainful employment. I will advocate for the creation of a number of infrastructural projects under the purview of the Office of Chancellor, which is projected to create billions of new jobs for people of all skill levels. The construction of spaceports, shipyards, agricultural sectors, and urban development will ensure that all planets within the Alliance have the resources they need to contribute to the republic and will provide countless of our homeless citizens with the means to thrive.
I humbly thank you again for placing your faith in me and hope that you will join me in these endeavors to create a brighter future for us all.And as always, may the Force be with us all.