My fellow Balmorrans, citizens of the Galactic Alliance,

As many of you are likely aware, several days ago the Confederacy of Independent Systems announced their intention to withdraw from the galactic community for which are - all of us - responsible. Already, the Alliance has felt the wide-reaching effects of this reckless policy on our republic.

In particular, here at home, many Balmorran corporations are being forced to reassess their strategic operations outside of the republic. Tariffs on goods imported to the Confederacy have increased tenfold while taxes on Confederate factories and companies headquartered on our planet have created deep consternation within the economic sectors of Balmorra. On a wider scale, the restriction of access to key trade routes including the Corellian Trade Spine, a major source of export for our star system, has seriously undermined free trade within the galaxy.

The Confederacy is a sovereign system and we must respect their right to self-determination. However, we need not condone actions that stand to threaten the stability of our Alliance and for every such action, there must consequences. Already, we have observed the widespread denunciation of CIS First by many of the affected and sympathetic corporations under Confederate control. Several have wisely chosen to abandon their masters and sought refuge elsewhere. The Alliance and Balmorra must stand ready to assist them.

In addition, I have directed my office to draft a number of preliminary economic sanctions against the Confederacy and the leaders responsible for this policy to be introduced for consideration when the Senate reconvenes. I have also engaged several of my senate colleagues and the Office of the Chancellor about appropriating funds for the exploration of new hyperspace routes to allow the Alliance and our allies to circumnavigate Confederate space.

This is not a course of action that I take lightly, but I assure our Confederate friends that the measures I propose have a condition of expiration: the reopening of trade routes and the reduction of tariffs on our exports. It is my hope that diplomacy will prevail and a solution can be found.

Thank you, and as always may the Force be with us all