[background=I like it when my settings have their own stories - tales that are as rich as the characters who walk through them. Even if you only get to see snippets in my writing there is usually something ticking on in the background that my mind is chewing over.[/font]
[background=With the rich background I seem to keep producing in my posts I figured it might be useful to me (and perhaps fun/interesting to others) to catalogue some of my setting, NPCs and plots in a blog. I hope that doing so means some time in the future I can return to the streets of Maris youth and play out the continuation of the setting I made here.[/font]

[background=Vorzyd V[/font]
[background=When I went looking for a place to place put Maris I had several factors in mind. First off I wanted a strong criminal element. Secondly, I wanted it to be relatively unimportant lore-wise, with little previous lore I needed to keep in mind, and thirdly I wanted it to be an urban sprawl.[/font]
[background=I believe at the time I asked in General chat if anyone had any suggestions of such a world and someone (sorry I don’t remember who) listed Vorzyd V amongst the suggestions.[/font]
[background=I took some time reviewing the potential worlds suggested and did some research myself but eventually I got to Vorzyd again. Wookiepedia has scarce information on the planet, key points being; [/font]
  • [background=“Urban Terrain”[/color]
    [*][background=“[/color][background=[color=#dcdcdc]Efavan[background=, the capital city of Vorzyd V, hosted a number of lavish casinos, which were marketed by holographic advertisements in the world's orbital traffic lanes.”[/color]
    [*][background=The nickname “Gamblers World”[/color]

[background=The Vorzydiak’s themselves painted an intriguing picture of a race of effete who had given overall physical labour and low work to droids, building instead great casinos that would become the planets attraction to outsiders for centuries to come.[/font]
[background=It seemed clear to me that the Vorzydiaks would be superior, distant, and unwilling to get involved in the dirty jobs like actually running there own casinos and thus those jobs eventually went to a large migrant population. [/font][background=[size=3]Hrakians[/size][background=, Humans, Kilmaulsi and Selonians made up nearly 30 percent of the population and my headcanon immediately proposed that those races would make up the vast majority of the menial workforce and the entire underclasses. [/font]
[background=It’s been centuries since the last stories we heard of on Vorzyd and I imagined that the world has only gotten more focused on the principles of greed, risk and opulence. I imagined the peaks of great casino skyscrapers and floating barge casinos glittering with billions of light, the worse the pollution got the higher the Casinos were built to avoid it.[/font]
[background=I started to imagine a twilight world in the roots of these casino cities, a place the daylight never reaches because even at midday a solid blanket of smog and pollution blots out all sunlight from reaching the grey, filthy depths of Efavan’s underworld.[/font]
[background=I suppose on reflection I’m drawing on inspirations from Fifth Element’s fog and the doctor who episode Gridlock. I also wanted to draw on the idea of hive cities and escape for LA, and ideas of Warriors and the biker gangs of the original Mad Max. One planet with two worlds, the sky-high casino playground, and the low down gang war battleground, bridged by a class of professional criminals waging war against each other between the tower blocks.[/font]
Some of those elements are used in both of these solo posts, mostly meant to say something about the world: Bang Bang and Two is Company...
[background=Next time I’ll talk about some locations, and major players.[/font]