Many of you are attracted to the lure of playing Force-users. I myself have two of them, a Jedi Brute and a Witch Doctor. (Although my Witch Doctor seems to take a more active battlefield stance lately than what her specialty would suggest). And as so many have realized, Force-users play a central role in galactic affairs and I would probably say that the galaxy is a tripolar universe from a factional point of view: light-sided, dark-sided and Witch-land (a.k.a. Mandalorian factions), since the Zenithian Imperium, while a major faction that despises all three, is still a minor player in galactic affairs as of this writing. The First Order, the Mandalorians (Clans and Crusaders) are perhaps some of the less magocratic factions around, but they have clear Force-alignments nonetheless.
Now, from canon, Jedi have the most documentation about their specialties, with the Sith a close second. Obviously, as there are Jedi whose use of the Force and their skills are more geared towards the more combat-oriented uses of the Force, there are Sith and witches that also do the same. Here space wizards refer to all Force-users regardless of their cult. Unfortunately, the Witches have the least information about their subclasses so any names for their subclasses would be tentative at best. The Jedi and Sith classify their combat subclasses under the umbrella terms of Jedi Guardian and Sith Marauder respectively. If no cult name is attached to a specialty in the list below, it is assumed to be the same name for all three cults. If there is an inaccuracy, please let me know. Most of the information for the Ace and Jedi Peacekeeper/Sith Warrior has been adapted from the Jedi Guardian page on Wookiepedia.
The designations of Jedi Brute/Sith Juggernaut and Sniper have their own kit of information, while used in canon on some level, are portrayed here somewhat differently from canon.
- Ace
The Aces are the Force-users who specialized in piloting and in dogfighting. Piloting the vast array of starfighter models available in the galaxy, those specializing as Aces used their battle awareness to increase their firing accuracy and precision far beyond what a NFU pilot could achieve. They often work closely with their factional starfighter forces. In the game, the Alliance features a few Jedi Aces as part of its complement of starfighter pilot PCs, such as [member="Choli Vyn"].
- Jedi Peacekeeper/Sith Warrior
They are specialists in the art of policing the galaxy and ensuring that the laws are enforced throughout it. The most recognized among the combat specialties, these individuals more overtly tracked down the opposite side of the Force than Shadows or Correctors did, in the goal of ensuring peace was kept among the stars. In Chaos, Peacekeepers are the most common light-sided Force-user PCs, since it is the subclass most often portrayed in canon. Even among darksiders, Warriors appear to be rather common, and Sith Warriors (and perhaps Sith Marauders in general) are often played as psychopaths engaging in wanton cruelty and destruction.
- Sniper
Snipers were combat-oriented Force-sensitive characters who specialized in ranged combat, such as blasters and slugthrowers, using the Force to achieve better marksmanship than would normally be achieved by NFU shooters. That one appears to be more common among Witches as a proportion of the total Witch population than for Jedi/Sith.
- Jedi Brute/Sith Juggernaut
They specialized in exotic weapons other than slugthrowers or blasters, such as double-bladed lightsaber (although a double-bladed lightsaber would be more exotic to a Jedi than to a Sith), a lightsaber pike, a flail, a whip, or even artillery ([member="Ugohr Poof"] is a Jedi Brute that fights as artillery in combat)