Many of you are attracted to the lure of playing Force-users. I myself have two of them, a Jedi Brute and a Witch Doctor. (Although my Witch Doctor seems to take a more active battlefield stance lately than what her specialty would suggest). And as so many have realized, Force-users play a central role in galactic affairs and I would probably say that the galaxy is a tripolar universe from a factional point of view: light-sided, dark-sided and Witch-land (a.k.a. Mandalorian factions), since the Zenithian Imperium, while a major faction that despises all three, is still a minor player in galactic affairs as of this writing. The First Order, the Mandalorians (Clans and Crusaders) are perhaps some of the less magocratic factions around, but they have clear Force-alignments nonetheless.
Now, from canon, Jedi have the most documentation about their specialties, with the Sith a close second. Obviously, as there are Jedi whose use of the Force and their skills are more geared towards the more "middle-of-the-road" uses of the Force, there are Sith and witches that also do the same. And the same would hold true of the combat orientations of space wizards. Here space wizards refer to all Force-users regardless of their cult. Unfortunately, the Witches have the least information about their subclasses so any names for their subclasses would be tentative at best. The Jedi and Sith classify their intermediate subclasses under the umbrella terms of Jedi Sentinel and Sith Assassin respectively. If no cult name is attached to a specialty in the list below, it is assumed to be the same name for all three cults. If there is an inaccuracy, please let me know. Most of the information has been adapted from the Jedi Sentinel page on Wookiepedia.
- Jedi-Witch Investigator/Sith Spy
Working as specialized trackers and even spies (the Sith even overtly called them as such), they worked closely with law enforcement to track down criminals and uncover the truth behind crimes. Going undercover for long periods at a time, they should not be confused with their Shadow (light-side) or Corrector (dark-side) counterparts because their focus is on crime rather than in rooting out opposite sides of the Force - and often players playing Jedi/Sith characters in that role often cross the line between the two roles, making them nearly interchangeable in Chaos practice given the population of Force-using characters.
- Jedi-Witch Recruiter/Sith Claimer
Working alongside the Acquisitions Division of their respective cults, they worked using the skills of their chosen cult to track down and identify untrained Force-sensitives to assess whether they were worthy of being inducted inside their respective Orders. The magocratic factions often required their newborns to undergo testing and to record potential candidate names into their respective databases. After a few months, the Orders would generally dispatch them (usually NPCs) to see if the child has the ability to undergo Force training although PC players in that role would focus on recruiting more grown-up characters instead.
- Jedi Shadow/Sith Corrector
A highly respected and secretive subset of their respective Orders, Jedi Shadows and Sith Correctors went in different directions for their search of the truth. (They often claim to go farther while they are just looking for different things). Often confused with the Investigators or Spies, it's a confusion that is easy to make in Chaos practice because they search for traces of opposite Force-alignment. Unlike canon, however, they often travel the galaxy on a regular basis to carry out their missions and they rarely, if ever, were at their base, and many players who play them simply see in that role an excuse to engage in fights against players of opposite Force-alignment.
- Watchman
Most commonly found in canon among the Jedi, it seems rather uncommon but I would personally describe them as Ambassadors with extended duties. The Watchmen chose to work alone in the oversight of a single system or planet, and enjoy rather extended autonomy in how to interact with the local authorities for the betterment of living conditions (at least according to factional standards) and, as such, are vital liaisons between planets and factional leadership.
- Jedi-Witch Technician/Sith Zuguruk
Technicians were often assigned the maintenance and design of equipment as well as of all slicing duties, but with a different approach. They would not necessarily imbue items with the Force so much than they would use the Force to repair, build or design objects that other Force-sensitives and sometimes NFUs would use. Rather uncommon in Chaos, [member="Sor-Jan Xantha"] is one of the more notorious Jedi Technicians in play.