Many of you are attracted to the lure of playing Force-users. I myself have two of them, a Jedi Brute and a Witch Doctor. (Although my Witch Doctor seems to take a more active battlefield stance lately than what her specialty would suggest). And as so many have realized, Force-users play a central role in galactic affairs and I would probably say that the galaxy is a tripolar universe from a factional point of view: light-sided, dark-sided and Witch-land (a.k.a. Mandalorian factions), since the Zenithian Imperium, while a major faction that despises all three, is still a minor player in galactic affairs as of this writing. The First Order, the Mandalorians (Clans and Crusaders) are perhaps some of the less magocratic factions around, but they have clear Force-alignments nonetheless.
Now, from canon, Jedi have the most documentation about their specialties, with the Sith a close second. Obviously, as there are Jedi whose use of the Force and their skills are more geared towards the more cerebral uses of the Force, there are Sith and witches that also do the same. And the same would hold true of the combat orientations of space wizards. Here space wizards refer to all Force-users regardless of their cult. Unfortunately, the Witches have the least information about their subclasses so any names for their subclasses would be tentative at best. The Jedi and Sith classify their more cerebral subclasses under the umbrella terms of Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor respectively. If no cult name is attached to a specialty in the list below, it is assumed to be the same name for all three cults. If there is an inaccuracy, please let me know. Most of the information has been adapted from the Jedi Consular page on Wookiepedia
- Ambassador
Admittedly this specialty is more common in the Jedi side than in the other two cults. They serve as liaisons between newly discovered worlds and their factional leadership, and they are requested at times to mediate a smooth transition to their new faction. They serve solely as the faces of their factions, have little to no involvement in policy-making and they are mostly NPCs although a PC Jedi or two is suspected to be of that specialty.
- Jedi Artisan/Sith-Witch Alchemist
Artisans or alchemists were people who focused their Force studies into the art of creation, crafting works ranging from a lightsaber to the more dark creations such as Sithspawn, but all three cults could imbue objects with the power of the Force. Alchemists are mostly affiliated with the dark side of the Force in the game.
- Diplomat
While Ambassadors of the Orders merely mediated talks between factions and foreign states, or between factions and other factions, Diplomats had the intricate tasks of writing treaties and resolving political disputes. Extensive knowledge of galactic politics combined with Force-imbued insight allowed Diplomats to handle delicate negotiations.
- Jedi-Sith Healer/Witch Doctor
The Healers drew upon the Force to preserve life and cleanse impurities and wounds. They often worked on war-torn worlds, aiding in the medical treatment of soldiers as well as other direct or indirect victims of warfare. On the Sith side, it appears to be a sub-specialty of the Sorcerer specialization, of which the Jedi have no equivalent. Also quite a few players play as Healers, many of whom do so on the Jedi or witch side.
- Jedi-Witch Lore Keeper/Sith Caretaker
Made up of three sub-professions, archivists, historians and librarians, Lore Keepers maintained their orders' respective archives and records. These three groups acted on different levels towards a common goal of expanding the knowledge base of their orders for their common benefit. They accumulated vast collections of knowledge and their duty was to maintain them up-to-date.
- Researcher
Made up of a variety of sub-specialties serving their respective orders by updating their knowledge bases, Researchers were the scientific arms of their respective orders. They filled the many roles required of scientific advancement, including archaeology, astronomy, hyperspace physics, biology, chemistry and geology.
- Seer
Highly attuned to the Force, the Seers were gifted with pre- and post-cognition, seeing glimpse granted by the Force of future events, and things that which have already transpired. Very delicate to play as players can fall into traps such as metagaming.
- Sorcerer (Sith or Witch)
The class people often think about when they think about Witches. They used spells, talisman and other incantations to channel the power of the Force and have no Jedi equivalent. They were often known to use the Force as offensive measures, most famously Force lightning on the Sith side, although other spells were used to this end.