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Caedyn Arenais
  • 836 ABY - Twins Caedyn and Loreena Arenais born on Commenor to Kay and Veiere Arenais.
  • 848 ABY - Caedyn Joins the Je'daii Order at 12 GSY.
  • 848 ABY - Caedyn is apprenticed to Asha Hex.
  • 853 ABY - The Commenor Systems Alliance falls to The Sith Empire.
  • 855 ABY - The Je'daii disband.
  • 856 ABY - The Sith Occupation of Commenor is defeated.
  • 856 ABY - Caedyn joins the Order of the Silver Jedi.
  • 859 ABY - Caedyn begins work under the Outer Planets Alliance.
  • 859 ABY - Caedyn establishes The Jedi Coalition in the Outer Rim Territories.
  • 861 ABY - Caedyn returns to the Order of the Silver Jedi.
  • 864 ABY - The House Arenais Humanitarian Trust is established.
  • 864 ABY - Left the Order of the Silver Jedi.


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