We thank you for joining us this evening on Alliance News Network. This special broadcast is going to be taking us live this evening, to the front lines of the war between the Galactic Alliance and New Jedi Order as they work to secure our space from the Final Order and their Sith Cabal. Our brave men and women are working as hard as they can to stop the flux of the Final Order and we have it on very solid authority that our fleet is doing their job, the strike and hit and fade tactics are proving quite a match for the overbearing might of the Final Order.
But as we said, we are live on scene this evening. We would like to caution our viewers that those of the faint of heart or with small children may wish to step away until after this broadcast.

“Thank you, studio, as stated, we are at an undisclosed location on the front lines. Today our brave Jedi and soldiers have uncovered what appears to be a mass grave on a world controlled by the Final Order. The bodies, they have been mutilated, they have been experimented on, cybernetics and genetic testing. It appears that the Final Order has been working tirelessly for… ends we are unable to even speculate on, however they are just discarding the used husks of bodies in massive pits.
“Could it be that the Final Order is losing a handle of their Sith, or are the Sith actually taking over the Final Order’s military scientists? We will inform you on this as the situation develops. One thing we know for certain is that the Alliance will keep fighting and they will put an end to this Order and their degrading acts.”