So, I've really started writing Tiland again, which is exciting, and right in time for NaNoWriMo. Whoo. Oh, and the 15 page research project due in a month. I'm actually procrastinating by working on homework. #masterlevel
I just want to talk a little about what I want to accomplish with Tiland, since he's really the only one I created with a set arc in mind. Everyone else, especially Veino, I created with no thought to where they might go. The story would shape them and it has, especially Veino. He's a lot more world-weary and battered than I had expected.
But Tiland.
It's pretty common around to refer to Jedi/Sith as space wizards. I think the one most responsible for that is the ever-infamous @Jay Scott Clark. Perhaps it came from somewhere else originally, but I don't know. I'm not that much of an old-timer. Only a middle-aged old-timer. That descriptor is completely correct and there are quite a few characters who are very much space wizards. @Darth Hauntruss and @Adele Adonai come to mind, using the Force through Sith magic or meditation to influence others on a more spiritual level.
Then there are others, like my own Veino Garn, who is very much not oriented in the wizardly way. As far as most Master level folks go, his Wizardry level is rather low and the number of spell-slots he carries is very small, nearly all of which are defensive. That brings to mind the other aspect of Jedi/Sith. Warrior-monks. It's why they wear such unfashionable robes all the time, and trace some similarities to orders such as the Knights Templar.
Characters along these are warriors first, wizards second. Lots of people like this aspect, so there are lots of characters with an emphasis on physical combat.
But what often gets neglected is the monk aspect. That's where my idea of Tiland came from. I wanted someone to explore the more mystical/spiritual aspects of the Force with, at the expense of the more physical aspects. Combined with the Force Warrior sect in the D20 game, it really added to the feel for him. Then, going after a common monkish goal of caring for people, I added healing as a major element, with strong tendencies towards pacifism unless absolutely necessary.
I want him to grow in that regard, with healing as his primary goal in life, through non-technological means, especially. Then to defend himself and others, he'll use unarmed martial arts and Force imbued quarter-staff. Pointing back towards the monk again. So yeah. NaNo starts in an hour and I have four chapters in psychology to read before tomorrow night. Have fun!