[background=rgb(8,8,8)]NAME: Tiland Kortun
FACTION: Haven't decided yet
RANK: Padawan Equivalent

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]AGE: 589
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.6 meters
WEIGHT: 90 kg
EYES: gray
HAIR: gray
SKIN: "Grayish-hued"

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Species Strengths:

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]-Exceptional longevity: He can live for a very long time.
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]-High Regenerative Capabilities: He's capable of healing from injuries most other humanoids could not.
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]-Telepathic: He's a moderate telepath, able to receive and broadcast thoughts. Rarely uses it.
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]Moral Code: Given the Anzati hunger for the "soup" of others, he has bound himself to a code he devised himself, not unlike that of the Jedi code, which he took inspiration from. He will never wield a lethal weapon. He will never allow his emotions to control him. He has sworn an oath of poverty and to never initiate a fight. Nor will he fight back unless the lives of innocents are endangered. Then and only then, he will use his limited Force control and martial arts to disable the opponents.
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]Healer: He has spent more decades studying natural medicines and remedies than many others in the galaxy.
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]Restraint: He has spent his entire life fighting against the hunger and urges of his species, which has led him to develop a great deal of self-control.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]-Hunger: The Anzati desire for the "soup" of others always lingers, clawing at him, clinging to him. He must continually fight it.
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]-Aggression: The Anzati are a naturally aggressive and Dark Side inclined species. It remains, despite his attempts to purge it.
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]-Sorrow: He knows what his true nature is, and it sickens him. Force sensitives will be able to sense a cloud of sorrow and guilt hovers over him, despite his attempts to atone for his nature.
[background=rgb(8,8,8)]-Isolated: He dares not grow close to others, no matter how much he wishes he could, to protect them to ensure that he never lets down his guard.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]He appears to be an older man in the late years of his life, with gray hair worn up in a top-knot, with oddly colored skin, and a stiff, wide nose. He has a slight limp and walks with a wooden walking stick. His eyes are also gray and heavy-lidded. He wears a coarse tunic made of rough cloth and pants of the same, along with rough boots covered in canvas gaiters. Despite his seemingly exhausted and haggard appearance, he can often be found with a serene smile on his face, either as he tends injuries or meditates alone.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]For longer than he cares to remember, Tiland has fled from who he is. An Anzati. A monster of fable and fairy tale, one that lurks in the shadows, devouring naughty children before vanishing once more into the dark. He was taken from Anzat as a youth by a team of Black Sun operatives before the Gulag Plague with the intention of being brainwashed into becoming an enforcer and assassin. He was rescued by a pair of Jedi, who took him far away from the criminals, bounty hunters, and vengeful Anazat assassins who were looking for him. There they instructed him in the rudiments of the Light Side of the Force. Not enough to be dangerous if he fell to the Dark Side, but enough to serve as a tool to counteract his natural tendencies. They also taught him about their view of life, and they swayed him to the Jedi's view of the universe.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]Knowing that he was innately inclined for evil, to took a different path than the Jedi, striking off on his own into distant corners and planets to remain hidden, studying healing, meditation, and other pursuits of peace and well being. He became a painter and a poet, using them both to channel the inner darkness away and to encourage the Light within, cultivating it, shaping it, and using it as a shield.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]In time, as his skills in healing with herbs and plants improved, he began to travel again, as a simple monk, teaching and healing where he could, and evading all other Force sensitives. Having managed to push away the hunger for the other sentients for so long, he decided to take a drastic measure, and cauterized the slots for his probosci. This made it far less likely for him to slip up and consume someone, but he did not let down his guard. He remained ever watchful and in control of his self, taking the risk of keeping himself too far in check rather than risk unleashing himself.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]So the months turned into years, year into decades, and decades began turning into centuries, and he has recently returned to the galaxy after 150 years of meditation and atonement outside the galactic spiral after accidentally killing a thug attacking two adolescent humans. He is rather lost and confused at the change of events, and fears he may need to become more involved again, hoping the good he manages can outweigh the risk he poses to all around him.