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Shadow Network Encrypted Transmission 3719F-26
Encryption Code:
Public Key: Wesk-Eight-Three-Orenth

Recent reports from the Mara Corridor have shown a number of pirate attacks intercepted by the vessels of Starfall Squadron, who had been known to operate within Hutt Space as well as the former space belonging to the Black Sun. While smugglers have been left alone by the vessels of the unit, any attacks on convoys or any other independent ships will not be tolerated as recieved in a transmission from a vessel dubbed the Shadow Venture.

In other news, recent explosions from the undercity on Nar Shaddaa has raised many questions as Jinaris Pharmaceutical has claimed that one of their labs has been lost. The extent of the damage, and what exactly happened is being covered up by the company. Their little pet project - Project Aurora - has finally come to an end. With this, many have lost faith in the company as another of their labs on Coruscant has reported that clients of theirs have sought legal action against them. Perhaps this is the end for the company.
-- Apyxx