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.//displaying.file: 201-452-Aurek

Shadow Network Encrypted Transmission 5427D-93
Encryption Code:
Public Key: Xesh-Seven-Two-Aurek
From: Jensai Kiorak, Project Division
To: Dr. Zeras, Jinarias Pharmaceutical
Subject: Project Aurora - Prelim Test
Classification: Doc's eyes ONLY

Doctor Zeras,
We acquired the latest subjects that you selected for us and have begun first phase testing in hopes that at least one of them will provide us with a success so that we may move forward. The last batch was full of failures, so we terminated them. Couldn't let any of them get out, wouldn't be good for business. One of them did make it past phase one only to go insane. We lost a few of our staff before they were put down. So, we updated our tech to better prepare for any.. instabilities.
With that said, I'd like to request the next shipment of meds to arrive earlier than previously planned. Should one of the subjects pass, I would prefer to proceed into the next phase with little delay. If we are to meet our scheduled deadline, I would like things to run as smoothly as possible. I am aware, doctor, that you wish to know more about the goal we seek to accomplish with this but, I am afraid I must keep things silent until we achieve success beyond a simple prototype. Speaking of which, the prototype has survived all tests but is beyond usefulness. Once we have completed our work, then you'll see that it was worth joining us.
I'll be in touch.
Delete this file upon reading.
- Kiorak, Aurora Overseer