Make: Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps
Model: Laureate-class Science Vessel with aftermarket modifications; identified in some registries as Shambhala-class.
Colour: Off-white
Trade-In Value: 2,200,000cr
Size Classification: Light Frigate
Mission Profile: Scientific research and exploration
Combat Role: The Shambhala-class mounts a decent assortment of light defensive weapons, but only a handful of capital barrels. Its heavy tractor/pressor beams and probe launchers require most of the structural, electrical, crew, and processor resources which a different frigate would devote to weapons. The Shambhala-class is durable but must rely on speed or cunning in most engagements. It is not designed for combat.
Tech Level: Core Worlds civilian, heavily modified
Sensor Range: Long. This vessel has very good sensors, but is not a dedicated monitoring platform.
Hyperdrive Range: 50,000ly, suitable for crossing half the galaxy at Class Two before refueling.
Sublight Fuel Capacity: Interplanetary. This ship can spend weeks examining the planets and moons of a single system.
Cargo Lift Mass: 450 tons, comparable to a medium freighter.
Supply Capacity: Several months for around two hundred crew and passengers, a number which varies according to the research mission.
System Strain Resistance: Due to extensive and purposeful modification, the vessel has a high tolerance for system strain. It can push itself past redline with minimal adverse effects, and has a degree of resistance to ion weapons.
Points of Strain: Two thin, flat struts connect the upper and lower hulls, to create empty space for improved instrumentation results. Though armored and well-shielded, the struts are the weakest points in the hull by far. Precision fire could depower much of the lower hull, or slice it off entirely.