A message sent to the Silver Jedi Council, the Jedi Praxeum, and the Remnants of the Jedi Academy Network.

As you may have all heard, or felt, there is something afoot on Tython. The Brotherhood of the Maw are focusing on the world, with malicious intent. I know that I may not be the closest with all of you, and definitely not the favorite of the Council, but I urge you to consider action. I will be heading to Tython with haste, to defend the world from the forces of darkness, and to protect the lives on the world.

To the other wayseekers. We have stepped away from the organization of Jedi, but many of us never fully leave behind what it means to be a Jedi. This, the defense of a world, the defense of knowledge and of life. I urge you that we must act.

To the Silver Jedi Council. I know we have had our differences in approaches, between myself and the Council, the New Jedi and the Silver Jedi. But we are all Jedi. Tython is a world of common origin, that alone is worth defending. Even without the world's history, the people, the life, the knowledge. It must be defended. We must act.

I am not asking Jedi to step out of direct orders, but please, consider that the Maw will continue their onslaught if they are not stopped. This is where and when we make our stand.

For Light and Life,

Master Starchaser

Celeste Rigel
Romi Jade
Julius Sedaire
Gir Quee
Jyoti Nooran
Thurion Heavenshield
Matsu Ike Matsu Ike