OOC Vision & Goal: The Rimward Trade League is a factional concept I've been thinking of for the past few years as a fun, original concept that can add a unique writing experience to the Chaos community. In a way, it's inspired by the parts of canon that don't get looked at much, as well as role-playing games like Traveller, novels like Honor Harrington, and other early space opera works. While many major factions focus on the "Wars" part of Star Wars, the League is meant to focus primarily on the "Star" part. It's to explore and develop the nature of being an interstellar society. More focus will be on the shipping, astrogation, spacer aspects than the military side. Let's go exploring. Let's chart new hyperlanes. Let's build rescue stations and hyperspace beacons. Let's talk about spaceships and the difficulties of moving cargo across thousands of light-years and maintaining robust economies when they rely on resources that can only be found in certain star systems and massive wars rip through the galaxy every five years or so.

IC Vision & Goals: The Rimward Trade League is a collection of autonomous star systems that have agreed to support each other financially, politically, and militarily. Collectively, they are dedicated to maintaining their own autonomy and strengthening their economic and political clout for the betterment of their society. That is the key goal. They have done this to make their territories, individually, and the Outer Rim/Mid Rim/Wild Space/ Unknown Regions, collectively, better places for sentient life. Thus, they champion the protection of universal rights for sentient beings, strong and free economies, freedom of movement, ending slavery, ending piracy, and making their regions safer, freer, and more stable places for society to flourish, with military action as a last resort if these are threatened.